Catriah Specials – turning our dreams into reality!

Hey folks! If you noticed, i haven’t been that active with my blog these past days. Well, certainly because of so many important priorities i have to attend to that keep me so occupied.

For one, we just move in to the city of Muscat, to our little cozy home in Al Khuwair area at the end of February. Then, we eventually adjusted to the kind of hectic-urban routine of waking up 4AM then leaving the house at 6:30PM just to get to our workplace before 8AM. Whew! quite a long drive right? That is because our workplace is about 116Kms away from the metro area of Muscat.

Second, my kids and i got sick for one week. Sad face ;-( . Cough, colds, and flu is rampant nowadays in Oman because of the changing season from cooler weather to the scorching heat of summer. But, anyway, we combat all these with proper diet and good rest with a bit of relaxation during weekends.

And the last one, i am so engrossed with my passion lately – Baking.. So i have concentrated most of my free time making sweets and goodies in my american-built kitchen.

Now, i’m excited to share to all the big event which my good pal, Catherine, and I will join this 4th of April.

Here it is!

Catriah Specials Banner

This event will make our dreams come to reality!

It is the chance that we are waiting for – turning our passion (cooking and baking) into something fruitful and rewarding. The event is:

“A Day – The Woman Way ‘5’ (Modern Women Multi-Brand Exhibition)”
April 4, 2013
12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Al Bahja Hall, The Jungle Qurum, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

We have a food shop “CATRIAH SPECIALS” where there is an exciting display of our delicious HOMEMADE cakes and goodies at very reasonable prices.
We are inviting everyone to come and support us. BUY, TASTE, and INDULGE on some of our yummy treats. Let this good news be shared also to your friends and love ones.

There are other wonderful things (accessories, dresses, RTWs, jewelries, foods, exhibits, games) that you can find in the event hall.  So don’t miss this event because it is going to be a fun day for everyone!

You can also see the whole details of the event at their facebook page.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Jana for introducing the event and her positive encouragement; to my husband (Jesse) and kids (Andrei and Anyah) for the undying support; and Catherine for trusting me as her business partner; to God for the gift of faith and talent. Let’s do this all together!

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2 thoughts on “Catriah Specials – turning our dreams into reality!

  1. catbirdinoman

    Riah, I hope I can make it to this because I’d love to meet you and taste your cakes!! I’m just not sure though because I had already made plans with someone to go on a trip that weekend, and we weren’t planning to come to Muscat. I’ll see what we can do!! Thanks for telling us about it!

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