Chocolate OVERLOAD Cake



When I baked this cake, I thought that the people who’ll gonna eat it were kids, but I was wrong. Indeed, it was for the big guys who were choco lovers.

The cake was so soft and moist that was so delectable to your tastebuds. This time, I used Hintz brand of cocoa powder than the usual Hershey Powder. It is made from Bermen, Germany. The powder is very fine and dark. No wonder the cake dough turned out to be more deep darker and chocolate richer. However, it is a bit expensive than the Hershey brand. I think I am going to use this brand only for very special kind of cake like my premium cakes.


The cake was coated with Fudge Choco Frosting that was so sticky and more delicious.


There were four kinds of chocolates on the cake – M&M chocolates, Kitkat wafer, Maltesers Balls, and Hershey Chocolate Chips.


My friend told me that Pastor Ike was so happy eating this cake during his birthday party as well as his guests and families. Just take a closer look at that cake, shall we?


It made me so happy to know that my cake brought joy and happiness to someone celebrating his/her special day.

Happy Birthday Pastor Ike and more blessing to come.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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