Coconut Raspberry Snowball Cake for Hubby

Coconut Raspberry Snowball Cake for Jesse

Coconut Raspberry Snowball Cake for Jesse

This was the second cake that I have made for my husband Jesse who celebrated his simple birthday at home last week. This cake was called the Coconut Raspberry Snowball Cake which I found online from Coco Cake Land blog.

I simply borrowed  Lyndsay Sung’s recipe that she shared on her website the Coco Cake Land. And I got so impressed with the striking colors of white and red. It’s a perfect match with the red velvet cake that I made beforehand.


This coco cakeland’s cake is quite heavy around 2.800 kilos and taste very delicious because it is made of moist vanilla mixed with 1 cup of dessicated coconut. The entire cake is coated with cream cheese frosting while  dessicated coconut are covered on the entire cake. It’s a unique way to make the cake looks simply elegant.


In between the cake is a raspberry jam with crushed fresh raspberries that add sweetness to the whole vanilla coco cake. Fresh raspberries are also placed on top of the cake. Very beautiful indeed!


The cake is more ideal to eat after taking out from the refrigerator. It’s a perfect match for your hot drinks like coffee or chocolate. This is what we did during the birthday party. Our guests are quite curious of its taste and texture. After taking a bite, they said it’s a whole new kind of cake flavor that they have tasted for the very first time.

Thanks again for visiting to my blog. Hope to catch you again next time!

Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂



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