Coffee Time at COSTA and my DREAM


The church ceremony of our 10th Wedding Anniversary had finished too early to begin with the reception. Therefore, we’ve got plenty of hours to hang out in Muscat Grand Mall where the restaurant was also located.


We invited our lovely guests at COSTA for some hot coffees and cold beverages while savoring the moment over meaningful conversation. This made our guests so relax and felt comfortable while keeping themselves photographed most of the time.


My kids have their splendid time too while sipping their cold chocolate and caramel drinks and munching the soft chewy double choco chip cookies.


We have exactly an hour to wait before the restaurant opens. For that one whole hour, we’ve got so many interesting topics to discuss and wonderful stories to share may it be about relationship, work, family, showbiz, personal goals, and of course my favorite – travels and destinations.

Since Jesse and I didn’t have a real honeymoon as most couples do, I have this dream that sooner or later, we can visit the European countries through a luxury cruise ship and spend weeks exploring beautiful cities with our kids.


For me, dream big while I can! Who knows it will happen in not-so-distant time.

Cheers for happy 10th

See you around


RIAH – The Blissful Wife and Mom

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