Cupcakes for 1st Wedding Anniversary

1st Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

1st Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes

I find Alex and Shayne very cool couple that’s because although they have quite a big age gap but they both have common interests in life. Shayne is a sweet lady. Last week they celebrated their 1st Wedding Anniversary and she ordered these cupcakes to surprise Alex on the early morning of their anniversary day.

Alex is 8 years older than Shayne. He is bubbly and loves to talk about his family and passion in life. Shayne is a nurse while Alex is doing clerical and administrative job. Both of them are working in the same company, the Finland Eye Center in Muscat.

Their love story is a real testimony to the test of time and distance. Shayne first came to Oman. After years of being into their relationship, they finally tied the knot when Shayne went home to Philippines last year. Shayne made a lot of effort to get Alex so that the two of them will be together. Until five months later, Alex followed and had his job at Shayne’s clinic.

The night before their anniversary, I sent a photo of the cupcakes to Shayne in her whatsapp account. However, she made corrections. She wanted to put their names and that they are only 1 year in marriage.

the cupcakes with mistakes. LOL

the cupcakes with mistakes. LOL

So, I hurriedly made the changes to the cupcakes. I delivered the cake secretly to Shayne on that same night. She told me she hide those cupcakes so that Alex will have no idea at all.

The next morning, she posted this photo on her facebook page.

Alex and Shane on their 1st Wedding Anniversary

Alex and Shane on their 1st Wedding Anniversary (photo credits: Shayne)

The caption goes:

Morning Surprise! Hirap magsurprise lalo na un 24/7 kasama mo hubby mo sa work/house. Hindi ako mapakali everytime gagalaw si alex while sleeping. (Mini heart attack😂) while im decorating. We are still on our anniversary week celebration.💏 yipee!#blessed #toforever (thank you Riah Anyah for this wonderful / delicious cupcakes)

English translation:

Morning Surprise! It is really hard to surprise your husband specially if you are with him both in work and at home 24/7 a day. I feel anxious every time my husband moves while sleeping (I feel like i have a heart attack) while I am decorating (our room). We are still on our anniversary. Yipee! #blessed #toforever( thank you Riah Anyah for this wonderful/delicious cupcakes)

Very sweet huh! I really love this couple. Hope their love story inspires other couples out there who are distant from each other but continue to commit themselves to their love and trust.

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Visit me again soon.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂



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