Cupcakes for CHRISTMAS 2014

Merry Christmas Cupcakes

Merry Christmas Cupcakes

I truly had a wonderful moment creating cupcakes for the Christmas celebration. All of these cupcakes are covered with fondant icing with designs related to Christmas.

The first batch of cupcakes that I have made were brought to Philippines School in Muscat, Oman for the children’s Christmas party.

First batch of christmas cupcakes

First batch of christmas cupcakes

The cupcakes were decorated with mistletoes, christmas tree, candy cane, christmas giftbox, and snowflakes.


The second batch were ordered by a client for their community gathering and Christmas Party in Nizwa.


A total of 25 cupcakes were decorated with Christmas Tree, Santa Claus Hat, Snowman, Mistletoes, and Ho! I added powdered dust for a glittering effect.

25 pieces of yummy christmas cupcakes

25 pieces of yummy christmas cupcakes

These cupcakes were made even into a beautiful banner for Christmas greetings I uploaded into my instagram account.

a beautiful Christmas Banner

a beautiful Christmas Banner

The third batch was ordered by a client for their simple family celebration at home.

Third batch of Christmas Cupcakes

Third batch of Christmas Cupcakes

There were only 6 pieces of cupcakes.


You can see the cupcake toppers were in a design of a christmas tree, christmas stocking, christmas candle, christmas star, mistletoes, and Ho!


There you my friends. The beautiful cupcakes made and shared to everyone for the spirit of Christmas.



Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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