Cupcakes for “Iftar” Dinner

moist chocolate cupcakes

moist chocolate cupcakes

My avid client and good friend Soraya had ordered 12 pieces of red velvet cupcakes and 12 pieces of moist chocolate cupcakes to share to her Muslim friends during an Iftar dinner last week.

You see these two flavors were my best sellers ever since.


So, I made the cupcakes in extra large sizes.

The Red velvet was normally frosted with cream cheese frosting and I added sugar strips and hearts.


While the moist chocolate was coated with classic chocolate buttercream.


After the dinner, I received a nice complement from Soraya and she shared that she got me one customer to order my cakes and cupcakes very soon!

Yay, it was another happiness I earned last week. Feeling so blessed to have these customers turned wonderful friends who never fail to share my cakes to everyone and I guess my business is growing and booming through “words of mouth.”

Thank you for reading this post. Catch you soon!


Lots of love

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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