Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park

Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park
at the main entrance

at the main entrance

The Dahilayan Adventure and Forest Park is our main destination for today. It is an adventure park, picnic grove, kids playground, animal zoo, and staycation destination rolled into one.

the ticket gate

at the ticket gate

my little girl with the elephant statue

my little girl with the elephant statue

Situated on the mountains of Bukidnon, the whole land is owned by the Paras family and converted into a prime mountain resort for those who want to escape the buzz and fuzz of the city life and simply relax or get the thrills and frills with their families and loved ones.

the rides in the park.

the rides in the park.

The pine trees are planted 15 years ago to make the place like Baguio City where the temperature is cool at morning and freezing in the evening.

the view is so relaxing

the view is so relaxing

forestpark08 forestpark09 forestpark10 forestpark11 forestpark12 forestpark13 forestpark14 forestpark15 forestpark16 forestpark17 forestpark18 forestpark19 forestpark20 forestpark21 forestpark22 forestpark23 forestpark24 forestpark25 forestpark28 forestpark29

It is here I conquer my extreme adventure bucket list like the Zorbit Ride, where you roll downhill inside a hugely inflated ball, and the 840-meter dual zip line, where you fly like “superman” and see the panoramic view of the whole forest park.


getting ready for zip line ride


at the zip line tower


we are so excited


my mom just completed her zip line ride


my son and father after their tandem zip line ride

This trip completes our family escapade because we all enjoy the rides of our life. Indeed, a memorable moment worth keeping forever.

You can watch the video I made for this trip:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6NcqRVu2Hc]

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