Days before my due date

Today is exactly a month ago when I have my last ultrasound. I can recall that moment when the three of us went to the clinic and waited for an hour before our turn. When my token number was flashed on the LED panel screen, a rush of excitement felt into my veins. I whispered to Jesse, “this is it…finally the doctor will confirm the baby’s gender.” Then Jesse replied, “I hope our prayer will be answered.”While the doctor was checking the baby’s status and internal organs, Andrei started his inquisitiveness by asking series of questions. He asked, “Excuse me doctor, i wanna it a boy or a girl?” The doctor replied, “Congratulations it is a baby girl!”…We were all grateful of the news that Andrei jumped with joy and inquired “how is the baby doing?” The doctor responded, “she is doing well inside your mommy’s tummy…do you have any name for your sister?“. “Yes, I will call her Jasmine”, Andrei answered. “Oh that is a nice name”, the doctor complimented. ”Because she will be like a princess”, my son’s out rightly share his very own reason.

It was really an unforgettable instance. But now, days before my due date, I am back in the clinic for some remaining tests. I have undergone Complete Blood Count (CBC) test which gives important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in my blood, especially red blood cells, white blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets. The result was excellent that doctor told me there’s nothing to worry about.

Another medical exam done to me is the Non-stress test (NST) that evaluated baby’s condition by monitoring the heartbeat while is resting and moving. I went for two NST tests so far. During the test, I lied on my left side. A nurse straps two devices to my belly: One monitors the baby’s heartbeat and movement; the other records contractions in my uterus. The nurse listens to and watches the baby’s heartbeat on an electronic screen while the contractions are recorded on a seismographic-like paper. However the doctor required me for a repeat test the following day since the baby’s heartbeat did not appropriately accelerate during my NST. She encouraged me to take a good meal just before my monitoring to try to keep my baby perky.

Oh boy, it will be for a third round of NST. Although I griped every time I lumbered into the hospital to be strapped to those monitors for 30 minutes, it was wonderfully reassuring to hear my baby whooshing heartbeats and see the chart of her movements. So, for as inconvenient and aggravating as they could be sometimes, the NSTs were great. If my doctor tells me to have an NST – I just enjoy the opportunity to put your feet up for a while and enjoyed the peace, quiet, and strangely like a spa experience – a half hour of relaxation, the only sound you hear is the soft swish-swish-swish of the fetal heart monitor!

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