Dinner at TCHE TCHE on our 12th Wedding Anniversary

Dinner at TCHE TCHE on our 12th Wedding Anniversary

a custom-designed box of TCHE TCHE

Yesterday was our 12th Wedding Anniversary. Because it was a special day for me and Jesse, we decided to have dinner at one of the cafes located in the Love Road of Qurum Area.

We strolled around the place and opted to dine in at TCHE TCHE. This cafe started in Amman, Jordan that offers casual dining for anyone who loves a varied cuisine from mediterranean, italian, arabic, and western tastes.


their roasted beef specialty



We parked on the opposite side of the road. Then, one of the waiters who was very warm, escorted us to the roof deck of the restaurant. The overlooking site of the busy road below and view of the boulevard is beautiful. It’s a bit cold night because of some impending rain forecast.


the view of the road to crown plaza hotel


the road towards Royal Opera House

There were some guests relaxing while having sisha (smoking) and we scouted a space where there’s a couch suitable for the four of us.


me and my daughter Anyah


my son and husband

My husband have his Steak Rosa that is made of medium cook beef and coated with sauce. There’s some side dish of steamed veggies and corn cob. This costs 5.200 OMR.


Steak Rosa

I ordered Turkey Club Sandwich with layered of Turkey, Mayonnaise, and Veggies, at 2.900 rials.


Turkey Club Sandwich

My daughter have her Chicken Barbeque Pizza at 3.750.


Barbecue Pizza

My son ordered the Nachos and Crispy Chicken Sandwich. While my husband ordered another margarita pizza. We didn’t know that the cafe serves big portion of their menus and our table is full of these foods. Whew!


loads of food on our table

Our drinks include the Lemon Mint at 2.300 rials and White Chocolate Mocha at 1.900 rials.


lemon mint drink

With water that costs 1.200, our total bill was 34.900 rials. For me it was way expensive because we normally online dine in for a cost of 20-25rials.


white chocolate mocha

Well, we just parcel some of the leftovers specially the pizza and head home for a good sleep.


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