Enjoying the passion for reading at Fully Booked

As a mom, it is one of my goals to nurture my kid’s desire for learning thru reading. And I am lucky to have kids that are passionate with books, stories, and online resources to fill in their imagination and knowledge base and help them become well versed with any topic they are interested with.

My kids with Max’s nanny reading wonderful stories

Long before my first child was born, I already amassed several books of any kind, starting with those that are with hard-cardboard pages such as the alphabets and numbers in very colorful designs. I have learned from friends and internet that infant minds are like sponge that absorbs almost everything they hear and see. An unborn child started to learn from the sounds that transcend into the womb. So I begin this process of letting my Andrei hear classical music those of Bethoven and Mozart most of the day. Surprisingly, my womb would swirl like of a giant snake every time a song started to play. I know he can hear it so well and after sometime he calm down and perhaps take for a long sleep. At night, I also read aloud the magazines, newspapers, and storybook. Keeping the faith that my son will be that articulate kid by the time he gets to interact and will construct his words with cohesion and grammar.

my nephew Max and my hubby Jesse at the children’s reading ground

When Andrei was just four months, he showed signs of his likings for books – flipping the pages, his eyes grow round when seeing vibrant colors, and tapping the pictures with his bare hands. Sometimes he drooled on photos of foods and drinks. As amazing at it can be, we have pile of books and magazines at home for my kids to get the pleasure of reading. Meanwhile, I am also doing the same thing to my little girl Anyah. Right now, she is at the stage of recognizing alphabets and colors using her Walt Disney Animated Nursery Rhymes. But with Andrei, he always carry that appetite for books, so wherever we go and when there is an opportunity to visit bookstores, he would love to kill his time reading and scanning the bookshelves.

a serious bookworm

So when we happen to pass by Fully Booked store in Bonifacio High Street, Andrei never miss the chance to check the store and have his pleasurable time reading stories.

The building is three-storey high with thousands volumes of books of different genre. We immediately look for the children’s free reading section located at the second floor. There we see a huge and spacious area where other small kids are having their great time reading and playing around. Some are setting on a chair, squatting on corner, or lying tummy down.
Andrei goes from one shelve to the other. Every time he gets back to the table, he carries a handful of books that amazingly he can read them all. The good thing Andrei shares to me what he understands from the story. It is a very good skill of summarizing details and storytelling perhaps.


Meanwhile, little Anyah also immerse on famous classical fairytales where she can glare on princesses and their princes as well as wonderful characters from mermaids to angels, animals and plants, fairies and war lords. She claps her hands when I read stories with modulated voice and distinct facial expressions.


It was a worth visit to this massive library because for nearly two hours, Andrei was able to read about three books and ten novels. He was even hooked with a novel entitled “Sam and friends mystical adventure” that we bought at a discounted price. Until now, that novel is stack in our mini-library in Oman.


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