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Oman's famous FORT serves as look out for foreign invaders in the Ancient Times

Oman’s famous FORT serves as look out for foreign invaders in the Ancient Times

Being in the Sultanate of Oman is a great opportunity for me and my family to uncover its majestic wealth and beauty. Known to be the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, Oman has many things to offer which makes the place so unique and an ideal tourist destination. Hence, Jesse and I are completely decided to take several excursions and adventures on the countryside.

We want to explore Oman’s breathtaking scenery along with the fascinating culture and warm-friendly people. We want to discover miles of pristine beaches with its wealthy marine life and extraordinary treasures of the reefs. We want to climb the insurmountable peak and experience the thrill of conquering incredible heights. Or we may merely enjoy the energetic buzz of the city life and go shopping, dining, as well as the other means of entertainment and recreation. Simply put, we want to indulge ourselves on things that will keep us relax and have fun while you we are in Oman and bunch up countless memories that will last a lifetime!

Therefore, in my succeeding posts and stories, I will emphasize and give details on various places that we have visited. So that somehow, people within and outside of Oman, will learn some interesting information about this beautiful place that will surely captivate our greatest imagination.

But to give you sneak peek, here’s an overview of Oman.

Oman’s civilization has started at least 5,000 years ago. Omanis were among the first people who voluntarily embraced Islam as their religion. Tribes made a living through fishing, herding or stock breeding. They have also established extensive trading and seafaring activities with other neighboring countries and during the Middle Ages, Oman has experienced prosperity on its trading and merchandise. During the civil war between Omani tribes over the election of a new Imam, Persian invades some coastal areas thus colonized the country. But, the Omani people gain its power and independence over the Persian in the 19th century spreading out its territory across the Arabian Gulf and East Africa and establish political links with other great nations of that time.

The land area of Oman covers 309,500 km2 and has a coastline of 1,700 km. It is bounded by the Republic of Yemen on the southwest, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the west and the United Arab Emirates on the north and the Arabian Sea on the east. The area is blessed with majestic beauty varied from terrain including mountain ranges, scorch deserts and fertile plains. In the interior, several places are popular for hiking and climbing on wadis (valley) and a number of exciting caves to explore for adventure seekers. The country’s spectacular coastline is a paradise for those who love cruising, skiing, scuba diving, and even camping. Superb hotels and resorts are located along the coast which is ideal for family vacation and recreation.

Climate in Oman is diverse varies from region to region. Temperature differed between humid coastal areas and hot dry desert interior especially during different seasons from summer to winter. During summer season, temperature can soar to 130 degrees F or 54 degree celcius in the northern region but most visitors prefer to visit the country during the winter or cold season which comes from the middle of October through the end of March.

In 1962, the first successful oil well was drilled at Yibal, and later in 1972 production and commercialization took place. Muscat, the sultanate’s capital, transcends the modernity of time. The scenic view blended with colorful flowers and date trees along with the modern buildings constructed in a traditional design perfectly captivates the elegance of Oman.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said took the challenge to change the country when he came to power in 1970. His Majesty made an effort to encourage Omanis to unite and build their nation once again. He also opened the opportunity to potential expatriates from other countries to help foster and prosper what we have now the “Sultanate of Oman“.

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