Family trip to the Old Town of Nizwa

Family trip to the Old Town of Nizwa

(November 21, 2015) – Today we have the whole day trip to the Old Town of Nizwa in Dhakaliya Region. My parents and brother came to Oman to see the hidden beauty of this country. And for them to appreciate the historical and old landmarks of the county, then it was so right that we brought them to this former main capital of Oman.

We left Muscat at the crack of dawn because Nizwa is about two hours drive. We intended to have breakfast when we get to the interior.


My brother Ryan walking towards the Souq Main Entrance

Our itinerary for the day is to tour around the old souq and fort of Nizwa then head to Jabal Shams in the afternoon.


Good thing that the weather in Oman during the months of October to January is a bit colder and more manageable so I don’t have to worry about my parents because we started getting around the fort at around 10 o’clock in the morning. There’s a ticket that you have to pay before getting inside the Fort, the cost for adult is 600 baiza while kids are 200 baiza each.

A huge map of the fort found at the main desk

A huge map of the fort found at the main desk

We were greeted by very hospitable Omanis at the front desk. They offered water and dates to us as part of their hospitality gestures. Mama was very happy because she never thought that the locals are very warm and accommodating. She was even surprised to hear them talking in a fluent English. I told mama that these Omanis are licensed tour guides which means that they should have good language skills for German, French, and English. They have also to take professional certification to make sure that they acquired the proper skills as a Tour Guide.


Our first visit in the Fort is the Miniature Model of the Fort.

The fort is a maze-like dungeon where there are several compartments that has special artifacts that specify to the rich culture and tradition of Oman.

I didn’t took a lot of photos inside the museum because I have already showcased these photos in our previous visits in the fort long time ago.


family cascading photoshoot along with the huge timeline map of Oman’s history

We went inside to this room that displays significant information about the spread of Islam Religion in Oman. Good thing there was a chair inside where Mama and Papa took a rest. They feel tired roaming around the fort.

NizwaFAmilyTrip05 NizwaFAmilyTrip06

After visiting the museum, we head straight outside the facades where we saw little children wearing the traditional Omani Dress in time for the  National Holiday. We asked if we can take some photos with them and their chaperons allowed us. They are really cute!


my daughter anyah with the little omanis

We continue exploring through the fort’s massive structure.

NizwaFAmilyTrip07 NizwaFAmilyTrip09

Then we climbed up to the Fort’s Citadel. According to the Oman Tourism website,

“It has a unique large round shape. Its height reaches 24 metres, with an outer diameter of 43 metres and an inner diameter of 36 metres. This fort has seven wells and multiple openings for stationing the fighters defending the fort. Nizwa Fort was built by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Y`aribi in the middle of the seventeenth century. It was this imam who expelled the Portuguese from Oman. The fort, which took 12 years to build, is linked with a castle by means of intricate corridors. Near the fort and castle is the traditional Nizwa market famous for its artefacts.


Mama taking a rest inside the Fort’s Citadel


Old Canyons


group photos before heading down to the souq.

It was already past noon time that we descended from the Fort’s Tower. We continue exploring the other interesting part of the area which the Nizwa Souq or the Old market.

Here you can see native handicrafts and textiles.

Since it was a Saturday and lunch time so most of the shops in the souq were closed. We simply visited this very famous shop located at the heart of the market and took a lot of photos.

NizwaFAmilyTrip13 NizwaFAmilyTrip14 NizwaFAmilyTrip15

We left the fort and souq past lunch time. We just decided to drop at McDonald’s in Lulu Hypermarket and order our takeaway lunch.


my brother and sister along the souq streets.


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