First day in Manila and first meeting with a little boy

Max (my nephew) and Little Anyah (my daughter)

This is our first day. The sun is up and the all too familiar buzzes and motions from every corner quite seem animate the whole metropolitan area but here I am still lazily lying on the floor bed and trying to endure my back that is smarting from the long plane ride the day before. My poor little kids sounding asleep on the left side of me, and deadbeat husband, on the other, are obviously in their dreamland while snoozing off and gaining enough energy for the things we set to do ahead this day.

I am an early riser but when my body clock is ticking four hours delayed the local time plus the back pain, it is a worst feeling I have to deal with especially when still nursing my baby girl. But still, I manage to move slowly towards the kitchen to grab a cup of hot water. While on my way a little boy appeared right in front of me. This boy has a cute face and little eyes that are covered with blue-framed spectacles larger than his face. His name is Max, my 3 year old nephew and the only child of my sister-in-law Rica, whom we stay with for a couple of days. He waves his hands and greets me while showing off his sweet smile. In response, I give a warm cuddle and squeeze him around my arms like my own son. I’m amazed how he had grown up because the last time I saw him he was a 3-month old newborn. While looking at his face, I could imagine my little Andrei, when he was of that same age. They are equally adorable boys.

These little kids have started to communicate in their own language..

Then, Max pointed his fore finger at our bedroom door implying he wants to go inside. So I shuttle him to the room and he jump over my husband’s back, feeling so happy that we are here and thinking that my kids can be his playmates too. This time Anyah and Andrei are wide awake.

On their first encounter, Anyah smirk at Max and later they are talking at their own childish language. Eventually, they are in connection and play together as good cousins and friends.

You see they work on so well..aren’t they look cutee and nicey??

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