Floral Celebration Cake for Lailany

A floral celebration cake for Lailany

A floral celebration cake for Lailany

I found it very enjoyable when I created this buttervanilla cake decorated with many exotic flowers because it was a cake for a beautiful family.

The cake weighted 2.5 in kilos and coated with buttercream frosting in orange and brown color. The cake was surrounded with beautiful flowers: Pansies, Calla Lillies, Daisies, and Carnations.

FloralCAkeLailany05 FloralCAkeLailany01The cake was ordered by former housemate Lailany who hosted a small gathering at their lovely home in Rustaq to celebrate the joining of her family from the Philippines.

Lailany was my former colleague at the college. We stayed on the same house for a year until I moved out when my own family came and joined with me last 2010. Like me, Lailany’s dream was to bring her three lovely daughters – Justin, Judith, and Ella –  and her husband Gerry to Oman. However, it took her four years to wait until her prayer was finally granted in God’s perfect time.

Now, I am so happy for her that she would feel so complete. Just like in the she wanted to write, “Happiness is Togetherness…(she is so) Happy to be with you Tin, Deth, Ella & Dad”.

a cake message

a cake message

Thank you Lailany for making my cake a part of your special celebration. I am hoping to meet your lovely girls and husband so soon.

The cake package

The cake package

Another wonderful “cakespiring story” brought to you by HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS.

 Lots of Love,

Riah – the Lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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