Fondant-Gumpaste Angels for a Baptismal Cake

Fondant Angels

Fondant Angels

I got a call from my baking colleague and dear friend Pinky two days before her son’s baptismal celebration. She was so desperate to make fondant angels for the cake she was making for baby Rafael. She had a hard time molding these holy creatures and became frustrated. In the end, she asked my help and wanted to order these four little cute angels.


Honestly, I haven’t tried making angels before because the previous baptismal cake I have made were decorated with babies, booties, and butterflies.



So it was another great challenge for me. Added to that, I have a large number of cupcakes orders on that same week.



But because Pinky was so dear to me and I wanted to save her from getting into trouble, I put on my creative cap and browsed Youtube Channel for videos. It wasn’t hard to find any videos because there were so many. I have even read blogs from other cake designers. The tips and ideas were pretty interesting.



I can’t get off my imagination that I started making the angels for the whole 6 hours.

The first thing I made were the wings using pure gumpaste. I don’t have a wing molder so I cut out the wing design in a piece of paper and cut the wings into the gumpaste with a sharp pointed cutter. I let the wings dried on a rack.


For the angels body, feet, hands, and hair I used a mixture of 50% fondant and 50% gumpaste. Using the fondant modelling tools, I carved the hands, feet, and faces.


Then attached them to the angels body using a piping gel.

I am truly proud of what I have made. Still can’t believe I have almost created a perfect angels. Hmmmm this made me think to level up my cake decorating skills and try creature molding soon.



Well, when I delivered these cute and adorable guardian angels to Pinky, she was astonished because of how it made Baby Rafael’s Christening cake so elegantly beautiful and attractive.


Happy Baptism baby Rafa and welcome to our Christian community!

Thank you for reading post. See again soon!

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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