Foodie Friday: Inspired post of food cravings and sweets indulgence

I confess I am a food lover just like my husband. Food tripping is one thing that we both love to do when the feeling of hunger and craving struck off through the very core of our mortal beings. It is like a piece of matchstick that ignites our crazily stupidly fantasies on all-sorts of foodies.

9-inch Cherry Cheeseke

9-inch Cherry Cheeseke

During the early days of our relationship, we visited numerous restaurants and food chains in town just to grab a bite or have a taste of their special dish. Jesse even sneaked to my house late at night and invited me to a newly opened burger stand at the nearby corner. It is also pretty silly to drive hours away from the city just to eat in the featured resto bars and cafes and simply order fruit shakes or surprisingly tasteful concoctions. These are some of our happy-crazy moments and confession of our food addiction. And let me tell you we both have our own likes and dislikes. After taking that last scoop and slurp, we make verdicts as to the ambiance, the price, and the food tastes. A food outlet that offers food that is well-prepared, tasteful, and way affordable gets “thumbs up” from us as a sign of our satisfaction. The food and place that has the right price, a delicious food taste, and inviting atmosphere surely gets a big credit and of course a good referral to our network of friends.

I guess I’m also born to cook (and bake) because, as long as I can remember in my childhood years, I love to stay in the kitchen and adore my mom’s way of mixing up all the spices and ingredients to come up with the mouth-watering homemade dishes. Later, I became her kitchen assistant and she shared to me all her cooking secrets. I also invented my own recipe and shared to my families my self-discovered menu. Whenever there are special gatherings, like birthdays, Christmases, and fiestas, you can expect me to be present in the kitchen, juggling here and there, and making all sorts of participation just to get the food ready in the table before dinner. I carry my desire for cooking through the years until I get married and have my own family.

Banana Blueberry Cake with  Milk Glaze Topping

Banana Blueberry Cake with Milk Glaze Topping

Lately, my husband and I came to realize how we would love to do food tripping once again especially now that we are in Oman where bunch of restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere offering numerous cuisines like Asian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish, and Omani to name a few. Likewise, my growing desire for baking and cooking had pushed me to share my recipes and secrets to other aspiring moms out there. Because I always believe that homecooked food is healthier and cheaper and better for me and my family. So that’s what I also aim to do!

We wanted to do all of these things – dining out or cooking at home – every Friday of each month just to have a little twist of our boring ordinary dining routine. Gladly, most of these food shops/cafes are offering promos and all kinds of food festival on fridays. Other than that, I want to inspire wonderful moms in the blogosphere to prepare healthy dishes for their love ones at their very own kitchen. Beginning the month of May of this year, Friday became officially the first day of the weekend marking a change of the working days in the Sultanate.

"Humba" -a native sweet pinoy dish made of meat, vinegar, sugar, n soy sauce and some spices

“Humba” -a native sweet pinoy dish made of meat, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and some spices.

So these are some of the pretty good reasons to start our FOODIE FRIDAY which I will post inspirational food recipes or interesting food stories just to suit our cravings, satiate our palate, and indulge our sweet tooth.

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