Footprints they will leave behind

The school year is almost over. Everyone seems so excited and enthused that counting the days in going home to Philippines has finally started. Smiles and happy faces are profoundly visible everywhere as most people are looking forward to the upcoming summer fun and getaways they will spend with their families and love ones for the next two months.But on the flip side, there is a heartbreaking feeling knowing that there are those who will leave the college for good reasons. Some are not coming back because they have found better employment, move to other countries, go back to their home place, or any other personal causes. And for me, these persons are significant because somehow they have touched my life and made a greater influence to my being.

For years we created a mutual connection that has been brought about by working in the college together and eventually formed into a Pinoy Community in Muladdah. Beyond office hours, we build lots of relationships based on something real and is really valuable and useful for all of us involved. Hence, our friendship bond is stronger and is like an icing on the cake. We normally hang out at our favorite places. We reach out and maintain some degree of contact by just simply texting, calling up, or using the famous FACEBOOK. We prepare food and invited each other over a simple dinner. We created and give personalized stuff for special occasions. Nevertheless, no matter how small these acts of kindness are but the impact is greater beyond compare.

The community had agreed to have a celebration – a gathering that we will all share together to rekindle the memories of the pasts, to commemorate the wonderful things happened within the year, and to be grateful for having these bunch of nice and wonderful friends.

And for me, I want to keep myself reminded of these people with my own personal impression.

Cesar Mendoza


He is a noted as a noble man and known to the community as “titser Cesar”. Not only having a skill set and talent in Engineering but also a very active member of social and religious organization. Everyone give him a high value of respect because of his wholesome and remarkable attitude that sets him apart. One thing I can’t forget about titser Cesar is during parties or gatherings. Whenever, there is a videoke session, you will surely hear his golden voice and interpret his favorite song in a way his heart sings.

Aileen Rocillo


Ma’am Aileen is used to be my housemate for more than a year. For the time we have been living together, there’s one thing I can say – she is a soft and warm woman. I normally find comfort on her wisdom and advices during my moments of sadness and distress. At times, I like to have a regular chat with her even on simple matters on life, family, and career. But mostly, I love to have share with her some funny stories and jokes which she undoubtingly burst into laughter.

Alma Enriquez


Ma’am Alma is a sparkling and jolly lady wearing a happy smile most of the time. We call each other “Sis” because of our special bond of sisterhood that has been strengthened through the years. The value of our friendship is built by exchanging things of worth with each other, whether it be time, information, assistance, or other things. When I was new in Oman, she is one of those who lend a hand and help me accustomed to the place. I always remember the first time she treated me in a Turkish restaurant while I was in Al Khoud during my first week of staying.

Elmer Timan and family


Our barkada used to tease him “the wonder boy of Samar” because of his great ability in computer programming. I worked with him on special projects and all I can say he is indeed a brilliant and gifted man. Noticeably hardworking and has a generous heart, Elmer is a free-spirited person equally the same with his wife Evelyn – whom we call “Cacai” among our circle of friends. It is easy to get along with the couple because we all come from the southern part of Philippines where most people are known as “Bisaya”. In fact, their only son Ken-ken is my son’s best friend and buddy too. I am glad that in this foreign land, we have this one-of-a-kind family who is thoughtful, loving, and understanding.

Irrespective of whom they are and what they are, the bottom line is that people we come across have to come and go. But their memories are like footprints they will leave behind and linger in our mind and heart for a lifetime.

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5 thoughts on “Footprints they will leave behind

  1. meil

    nice one! but sad to know they are leaving! kita kits nalang s pinas! though d ko sila kaayo kaila but im happy n nakakilaya ug n meet naku sila! god speed!

  2. Riah

    @meil: yap they are nice people meil…that's why we are sad knowing they will leaving.. but all of them will go to a more greener pasture.

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