For the Love of Basketball and Friendship Cake

Basketball Cake

Basketball Cake

Last week, I accepted a cake order from a thoughtful lady. She asked me to make a cake for her boyfriend-turned-bestfriend’s birthday. You might be wondering how their relationship twisted that way, but, I tell you these two humans have nothing in mind but to keep their wonderful friendship for a lifetime.

The girl sent to me a picture of the cake model. And I saw it was a fondant cake decorated with things related to Basketball. You can see basketballs that were cut in-half and dotted around the cake sides, and a jersey shirt with the player’s name. Right then on, I know his (ex)man is a basketball player and equally like him, she loves basketball too.

The chocolate cake I created was almost similar to the design she sent to me, but I made a little variation. She requested to use royal blue and lemon yellow for the team’s color.

The tiny basketballs were made of fondant and decorated around the cake.


There’s the jersey shirt with the player’s family name and number.


Whole basketballs were placed beside and below the Jersey Shirt.


The name of BUTZ and his age was also indicated on top of the cake.


and there’s the birthday message.


On the night of Butz’s Birthday, Daisy invited him for an exclusive dinner where the two of them dine in to a fancy restaurant. She uploaded on her instagram account a photo of Butz with the cake and the t-shirt as her gifts. And the photo’s caption stated:

“Happy birthday to my best buddy Engr. Butz Mark Viloria! Your second birthday celebration with me.. (awww…) I still love you and I always will.. cheers to a lasting friendship! God bless you “

Isn’t too sweet and compassionate?

I saw this couple last year during a party and they were visibly sweet to each other. I even thought that they will end up in marriage but I just learned from Daisy that it was months ago that they became just good friends instead.

I really admire their friendship because although they were not lovers anymore but still they have a very good relationship to each other and yet they still consider each other as BESTFRIENDS.

Thanks for reading this post. This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS.

 Lots of Love,

 Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂



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