Fruity Loaded Butter Vanilla Cake

Fruity Loaded Cake

Fruity Loaded Cake

This is another cake I made for Pastor Ike. I find it so delectable specially the real fruits on the top of this Fruity Loaded Cake.

It is a moist butter vanilla cake and filled with natilla. There is a Maple syrup scattered on top for an added sugary flavour.


To give it an ice-cream-like taste, I used stabilized whipped cream as the frosting. Stabilized because I added gelatine syrup while beating the cream to keep it sturdy for hours. This is to keep the cake’s frosting from melting specially that it is SO HOT in Oman nowadays.


There are real fruits – grapes, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple – that are dipped in corn syrup to give it a glossy look.


At the bottom of the cake are choco sprinkles to give a contrast to the pale white frosting.


Honestly, this is, yet, another delicious cake flavour particularly for those who are FRUIT LOVERS.

Thanks for dropping by. I’ll see you again soon.


Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂 

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