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Andrei and Ken are amazing kids. They almost have the same preferences in life: internet, computer games, toys, food, and entertainment – that they are really crazy about. Just imagine they can be in one place unrelentlessly using their own laptop while playing their favorite games. These kids are computer fanatic and I was thinking what they will become when they grow up.

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Can they be computer programmers? Software Engineers? Game developers? Or perhaps company Chief Executive Officers? Well, we might not know what the future holds for these two amazing beings. But only, one thing for sure, whatever happens, both kids will remain good and best friends forever.


Even before Kenneth Axcelle, that’s Ken’s real name, came to Oman Andrei already felt good about him. Surprisingly, when they meet for the first time, they easily connect with each other and start talking about their favorites and likes. They both love arts too and sharing their art materials and drawing stuffs. I can say both kids have their own talents and skills set. And we are lucky to be their parents as well.


When Ken and his family, transferred to Al Khuwair, Muscat- which is an hour drive from Muladdah and luckily we got a car – we manage to visit their home so that somehow they can enjoy and play with each other. Though there are times they argue (particularly on pretty small things) and ended up crying but they still remain good friends.


Sadly, Ken and his family will be migrating to Abu Dhabi this coming July. We felt a bit odd knowing it will too distant for us to visit them. I keep on telling Andrei, even Ken will be too far away they will still be keep communicating with each other through facebook and chatting.


As a memory keepsake, we invited Ken and his family to spend a night with us in Muladdah and have a pictorial. So that no matter how distant these two boys are they will have a good memory with each other. I believe someday, when they meet again, the bond of friendship they have fostered within themselves will still be strong and lasting. And i love to remember them as GAP kids – [G]reat [A]nd [P]layful Kids!


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0 thoughts on “GAP Kids

  1. itjcs

    nice shots… seeing these photos made me thought of my boy John Roy when he was here in Oman. I miss my John Roy. Andrei and him are good friends too…I hope riah when you visit philippines next year,pohon, hope andrei and him will see each other and have pictures too… aabangan ko yang story na yan… di ba?

  2. Riah

    @itjcs: yes jhonna..we will set a date on that God willing!..and ill ask jesse to photoshoot also John Roy and Andrei. You know, andrei was suddenly talking about John Roy two nights ago. I believe he still remember your dear son. Miss him too.

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