Girls in Stripes

My girl friends - (from Left) Catherine, Me, Evelyn, and Melo

My girl friends – (from Left) Catherine, Me, Evelyn, and Melo

When my best pal Evelyn popped the news to us that they will be moving out of Oman after her husband was luckily offered a job in Abu Dhabi, UAE, we were surprised. Although there was a feeling of gladness but still in my heart the sense of sadness and oddness settled in. We have been so closed with each other since she came to Oman. Likewise, our sons are best buddies and playmate too. Her husband was one of the best teammate I have ever worked with.

Jesse and I invited the whole Timan family along with our other girl friends- who undeniably love to pose in front of camera – to do some pictorials at our home studio after the Muladdah Despedida Party last July 6, 2011. This is way to have souvenir snapshots before they will depart.

We started at about eleven in the evening and put on some make ups and wore our outfit. Surprisingly, we were all wearing stripes that we haven’t intent to discuss beforehand. We were laughing as though our minds were mutually connected. It was a hilarious and funny experience. And the pictures greatly speak for our real friendship and feelings to each other.

After the photoshoot and while I was scanning the shots I‘ve asked myself what could have the stripes design represent for us. Then with a little help from the internet, I discovered they had more meaning than I knew.

Stripes create motion, tension, sequence, order, unity…. Stripes are dazzling, sometimes hypnotic, usually happy. They are universal. Stripes define body, force and flow, space, position, rhythm, and growth. Stripes attract attention. Stripes mean a sense of movement whilst not moving.

The meaning of stripes is related accordingly to the value of friendship. We tend to define our friends, establish a force and flow of bond, live in our own space, set our position in a relationship, move with the rhythm of our heart, and grow as a person.

And for me, stripes help me blend in with the pack whilst still being unique.

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