Goodbye Philippines, hello Oman!

Goodbye Philippines, hello Oman!

with my daughter while waiting for our flight to Abu Dhabi

Our three weeks family vacation was finally over. Although it was a bit sad knowing that I left my parents and loved ones behind but I made an effort to control my homesickness. After all, what was important that we had a wonderful time together and met most of my closest relatives. It was a short but very meaningful summer break for all of us, actually.


inside NAIA 1 airport and going to our gate for our flight to Abu Dhabi

We left the Philippines on July 29th at 4:30 in the afternoon (Philippine Time) by Etihad Airways. I flew back to Oman with my son and daughter while my husband stayed in the Philippines for one more month to supervise the construction of our dream house in Surigao City. We disembark from Ninoy Aquino International Airpot 1 in Parañaque, Metro Manila.


onboard Etihad Airways

I thought traveling alone with small children was difficult. But I was wrong. Good thing I can count on to my eldest to carry and take care of our belongings while my daughter slept all throughout our flight to Abu Dhabi.


just arrived in Abu Dhabi Airport

We reached Abu Dhabi after almost 8 hours of flight. When were offloaded from the airplane it was already 3 o’clock in the morning and there was a sandstorm. The whole Abu Dhabi area was covered with dust and haze. We were carefully assisted by the cabin crew to get to the passenger bus and transported to the airport. Our layover was 2 hours.


our sleeping princess

My kids got hungry and we had some light snack in one of the small cafes in the airport. When traveling, I cannot have a very good sleep. I am always extra cautious with my kids and belongings.  It was because of the many travel stories I read online that keep passengers to be extra vigilant for potential perpetrators, especially in the airport.


with my son and waiting for our flight to Oman

At the back of my mind, I prayed harder for God’s providence and guidance during our whole trip. I am so thankful that everything went well until we overheard from the cabin crew that our flight to Oman was already boarding.




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    My kids and I came back to Oman on July 30th after our two weeks vacation in the Philippines. My husband Jesse was left behind for another month to supervise our home project in our hometown of Surigao City.

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