“Spill Over” M&M and Maltesers Chocolates: Gravity-Defying Cake Designs

“Spill Over” M&M and Maltesers Chocolates: Gravity-Defying Cake Designs

Gravity-defying cakes are constructed in such a way that they suspend disbelief and perspective, making garnishes appear to float in mid-air. I have to admit that you don’t need to be an engineer in making and designing this gravity-defying cakes.

The secret lies on the scaffolding (support structure inside the cake) – usually plastic straws, bamboo sticks or even metal rods Then concealed within the cake or disguised with buttercream, ganache or icing. The kind of chocolates that will create a dramatic illusion as these chocolates are spilled over that tasteful cake is also a plus factor.

I love the challenge of creating my first Gravity Defying cake. It was a simple cake I made for my sister on her 28th birthday. It’s a chocolate cake covered with choco ganache frosting and some bits of stone-like chocolates which are poured over the cake.


my first attempt on gravity-defying cake for my sister’s birthday.

While making this cake, I have found out that right structure is the secret to firmly hold the chocolates as if they were cascading towards the cake top. So, I used a sturdy paper straw as the base structure to hold the cascading chocolates.


sturdy straw as the structure for the spilled chocolates

Other designers they used chrome metals as a great support. While others use also PVC straw. You have to understand that the support stick, straw, or metal can sustain the weight of the chocolates to keep it upright.


sticking the straw to the cake base to provide a good support.


the chocolate wrapper is placed on top at a 45 degree angle to make a dramatic flow.

The second attempt was the birthday cake of Cassie. Initially, I used M&M peanut chocolates. It was a disaster!! Because the peanuts are heavy, the frosting could not glued the chocolates properly to the sturdy straw. One by one the chocolates started to slipped and went down to the cake.

I realized that I should use lightweight chocolates like M&M chocolates or Maltesers, not the larger peanut or biscuit ones.

I also found out that I should cool down and keep the choco ganache like a peanut butter stickiness to glue the chocolates to the stick.

Slowly stick M&M’s on to the stick down to the cake top in a ‘spill’ pattern. Fill the M&M’s bag with a few cotton wool balls and stick to the top of the sturdy stick.

Voila! Cake done. It looks incredibly impressive!

Cake for Cassie on her 8th Birthday

Cake for Cassie on her 8th Birthday

After I posted Cassie’s birthday cake on my page, most of my clients were amazed of how the cake is brilliantly designed and truly an eye-catcher!

Then series of cakes with this design were ordered by my clients.

Here is the surprise cake for Phev and Gelai.

CAke for PhevAndGelai01

A surprise birthday cake for Phev and Gelai


another angle of the cake

Then the cake for Shay and Mitch.


Birthday cake of Shay and Mitch

Lastly, a small cake with M&M mini chocolates for Alice.

A mini gravity-defying cake for Alice

A mini gravity-defying cake for Alice

I loved the challenge of creating Gravity Defying Cake because the ideas are endless. All you have to do is to have the right support system, suitable frosting, and appropriate toppers so that you can create many amazing illusion with other designs too.

Hope you got an interesting idea from my cake design. You have to try this too! It’s easy and pretty exciting.

Thanks for dropping by.


Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂 

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