Gumpaste Sexy High Heel Shoe Cake Topper Tutorial

Gumpaste Sexy High Heel Shoe Cake Topper Tutorial
Gum paste Sexy Shoe Tutorial

Gum paste Sexy Shoe Tutorial

I really had so much fun making this gum paste Sexy High Heel Shoe Cake Topper. At first, I thought it was difficult to make the shoe. But when I begun cutting out the shoe template, I realized, how easy it was!

The gum paste dried up easily, so I don’t have much problem to hold its form. I basically made the shoe topper two days before the cake’s delivery to make sure that the cake was perfectly dry and stable before putting it on top of the cake.

So, now, you can make on your own signature shoe topper. Just follow the steps below.


  • Gumpaste
  • Rolling pin
  • Wiltom’s Gumpaste Modeling Tool
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Brush
  • Edible glue / Piping Gel
  • 1 red liquid gel
  • 1 black liquid gel
  • #1 round tip
  • BBQ skewer
  • Tissue
  • Shoe Template and Shoe Template 01
Shoe Template

Shoe Template

Gum Paste

Gum Paste

Modeling Tools

Modeling Tools

Liquid Gels and 9inches Rolling Pin

Liquid Gels and 9inches Rolling Pin

pizza cutter and brush

pizza cutter and brush

piping gel

piping gel

shoe molder

shoe molder


Color the gum paste with red color. Roll out to 3 mm thickness. Use the pizza cutter to cut out the sole.

ShoeTutorial08Place the shoe sole on the shoe molder to shape it.

ShoeTutorial09Roll out  gum paste of the same color as the sole to a 2 mm thickness, and cut out the back of the shoe using the shoe template.

ShoeTutorial11 ShoeTutorial10

Brush some edible glue / piping gel along the bottom edge of the piece and attach it to the sole.

Since the pieces are so small I usually don’t need any support for the shoe top, but if it doesn’t hold its shape you can support it with some tissue.


Cut a BBQ stick to the length shown by the picture and knead some sugarpaste until pliable and smooth, taking too much rather than too little.

Shape heel as desired. Use the template for the sole as a guide to getting the top of the heel to the right size. Never push your fingers into the heel to get the right shape; that only leaves fingerprints. Instead drag your fingers downwards with even pressure until the hell is thin enough and has a smooth surface. Once you like the shape of it, put it right-side-up, and check if it fits with the rest of the shoe. If it doesn’t, reshape it. Continue doing this until you’re happy. Attach it using edible glue / piping gel.
ShoeTutorial15Leave to dry until the glue/piping gel has set and the pieces are hard enough to hold their shape when touched, a few hours to overnight.

ShoeTutorial17Roll out gum paste in pink color to 1 mm thickness, and cut out the lining.


Use the star tool to make a stitching along the edge of the lining.

ShoeTutorial19Brush edible glue / piping on the sole and carefully attach the lining.

ShoeTutorial20Cut a medium circle using fondant circle cutter and brush some piping gel on top.

ShoeTutorial21Place the red sparkles on a clean plate.

ShoeTutorial22Smudge or press the top side of circle onto the plate to stick the sparkles.ShoeTutorial23Attached the decorated circle on the front top of the shoe.

ShoeTutorial25ShoeTutorial24Cut 1mm black gum paste and make a ribbon. Attached the lace at the back of the heel of the shoe.

ShoeTutorial26 ShoeTutorial27Cut out the top strap and roll some red gum paste into a thin sausage and shape it around the top strap as in the picture. Put to the side.

ShoeTutorial28Flatten them slightly with your finger and use the round tip to make a small hole in the middle. This will be the eyelets for the buckle. Roll out a small piece of sugarpaste as thinly as possible without it breaking. Cut it into a small rectangle (as in the picture). You will adjust the length later so just make sure that the width is small enough so that it can fit inside the eyelet.

Attach the strap using edible glue, supporting it with tissue. Make sure the strap is horizontal! you can insert tissue to support the strap.

ShoeTutorial29ShoeTutorial30Roll a small ball of sugarpaste and flatten it slightly to make the sole of the heel. Attach it with edible glue and let the shoe dry overnight or longer until the sugarpaste has dried properly and the glue has set. Then your high heel cake topper is ready to be put on a cake! Just keep in mind that the thin straps makes it quite fragile, so be careful with it, and don’t move it more than necessary! ShoeTutorial31So, there goes your sexy hot red shoe. And this the result of my cake!

Sexy-Elegant Hot Red Shoe Cake

Sexy-Elegant Hot Red Shoe Cake

Beautiful cake, isn’t it?

Well, it is actually inspired from the movie “The Devil Wears PRADA”. A shoe that incorporates the glamour of the fashion world.

Thank for dropping by my blog. Hope to catch you soon.

Lots of LOVE,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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