Happy and looking forward for the New Year!

Yes, 2012 is here!After reading the following blog of Pastor Dennis Heppner (which by the way referred by an old friend), I was more enlightened and enthusiastic to start this year with positive attitude and full of spirit. He stressed out that:

“Looking forward is an excellent way to begin 2012. Take an hour this week and get alone and write down some dreams and plans and faith statements. Start talking to God about them. Write down some things you could do to clarify where you want to go. Then take actions that move you in that direction and do so with excitement.”

So here I am, making my plans and dreams for this year. But I was even happy when i started planning out our homecoming vacation to Philippines. I’m thrilled with eagerness and curiosity. Knowing that after three long years of waiting I can finally do the things that I’m looking forward to.

I will see great places and travel destinations.
I will smell the fresh air of my hometown (Surigao City).
I will hear intriguing stories and hot gossips.
I will hug my wonderful friends and relatives.
I will taste sweet delicacies and luscious Filipino cuisine.
I will sleep in my old bedroom.
I will be having a good quality time with my beloved parents and siblings.

Keeping all of these plans will provide myself a sense of purpose and direction. Deep within me, I nurture a strong faith that this year will be good and fruitful because of God’s grace and the people around us – who continuously filled our life with love, faith, and hope.

I am wishing myself as well as everyone else to attain success and happiness so that in our own little ways we can also be an inspiration and blessings to others.

May God’s power be with us all and cheers for this year and beyond!

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