Have a break, have a cupcake!

Honestly, I am a bit proud of myself lately.  My baking skills have been gradually enhanced from being a bad baker to a novice cake decorator. Oh boy! I am now so engrossed with all the cake ideas I found online. Everything is beautiful and very inspiring!

Well, I am pretty happy with my cupcake selling activity at the college. You see, online and personal orders keep coming each week. It has truly occupied many hours of my day especially after office and on weekdays. Creativity and crazy imagination keep flowing out of me. I can’t even notice how many hours I have spent from baking to decorating. It is like I am in my own wonderful world of happiness and sweetness that I share with my cupcake creations.

I am so much thankful to my friends for referring me to their circle of friends. It is truly one of the blessings I receive this year.

Now, let me share to you some of the yummiest cupcakes I have ever made. These are temptations that will literally drool you right now!

So, have a break, have cupcake!

Please do visit my personal fan page in facebook to see more of my sweets specials.

Lots of LOVE,

RIAH – the happy baker

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2 thoughts on “Have a break, have a cupcake!

  1. itjcs

    oh my dear… i’m so proud of you as well… just go ahead… follow your passion… someday… i’ll read a post here that you’re putting up your own bake shop or coffee shop… really that matches with your barista hubby right? love that idea 😉 all the best to you my friend.. again, i’m so proud of you. thanks a bunch for all the effort that you gave to finish the cup cakes today for my hubby’s birthday. mwah! love you my friend. I love all the cup cakes… they so good…

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