Hi! I’m OLAF… and I like warm hug



“Hi! I’m OLAF… and I like warm hug” and yes, for me, this is one of the beautiful lines I hear from the Disney Movie FROZEN. Who can resist this cutie-puffy-huggable-little fellow with those huge eyes and big smiles matched with a carrot nose? Honestly, I have been making this edible creature for my cake orders in the past and molding this cake topper is not that hard at all.

In making this cake topper, I normally use gumpaste. But if there are no gumpastes available in most cake shops here in Oman, I often add a tylose powder to fondant.

I started creating the hands and hair of Olaf and let it try to become harder.


Then I continue molding his body and add those three black buttons on his chest and tummy.



His face is a kind of oblong-elongated one especially when he opens his mouth so wide. The eyes are normally huge as it is one of his facial features that makes him so adorable for little kids.

His carrot nose is his very distinctive feature that makes him a very unique creation of Queen Elsa.


So there goes my little friend Olaf.

Later, I will post the cake of Queen Elsa which Olaf was also added as an accent to that cake.

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Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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