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As I browse the internet and looking for information and blogs on child nutrition and on how to keep our kids healthy, fit, and safe, I encountered this online quiz from answer the quiz just to check for myself the food that we have prepared and eaten at home and even from outside.The result is “A Nutritionist Nighmare” !!!!Whew! This is truly an eye-opener and wake up call for me as I need to review and decide to change and alter our eating habbit and food preparation – mostly fried, saute, with loads of high-fat and sugary content.

As a mother and meal planner, it is my utmost responsibility to take good care of my family’s diet and health. I should be very careful when it comes to choosing the right (organic) ingredients and the proper (hygeanic) way of cooking and serving.

Yet, the quiz result suggested the with “gradual changes can mean greater health for the whole family”.

Try to visit the website and check for yourself, you might end up like me or better act now than never.

By the way, here’s the result of the online quiz.

How Healthy Are Your Meals?

A Nutritionist’s Nightmare
Once those unhealthy food habits become established, it’s hard to get the family back on track. Start with small changes, to ease the transition. Go from full-fat dairy products to low-fat—you might get everyone to try nonfat dairy products later on. Cut back on frying and sautéing, and use low-fat dressings on salads. Serve less processed meat. Add an extra vegetable at each meal, or sneak cooked vegetables into recipes such as meatloaf. If your family wants dessert every night, make it fresh fruit a couple of times each week. Put limits on soda, candy, and high-fat or sugary snacks. Gradual changes can mean greater health for the whole family.

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