How to make a 2D Hello Kitty Face Cake

I am so glad that I have fulfilled my promise to my little girl to make her a wonderful Hello Kitty cake on her second birthday. It is not an ordinary cake because it is carve into 2D Hello Kitty Face made of two cake flavors: deep dark moist chocolate and moist vanilla.

2D Hello Kitty Cake

2D Hello Kitty Cake

This cake is written as one of my goals for “My Life List 2013” alongside with my son’s 3D Lightning McQueen Car on his 9th birthday last June. Weeks in advance, I search in the internet so many pictures, videos, and decorating ideas on how to make this beautiful cake.

my little girl's name

my little girl’s name

I use the shades of pink and white because it is feminine and delicate. The Hello Kitty is among the favorite of little girls as their party theme. This fictional character first appeared in 1974 in a vinyl coin. It is created by a Sanrio and designed by Yoko Shimizu in Japan. Hello Kitty portrayed a Japanese bobtail cat with red bow on the left ear. Eventually it became a global phenomenon that reached USA and all around the world. It became young girls and pre-adolescents favorite because of its bright and kind-hearted character. Today, it become a design of many school supplies, it has also a TV series, and the main character of two theme parks owned by Sanrio: Harmonyland and Puroland.

right view of the cake

right view of the cake

left view of the cake

left view of the cake

Now going back to the cake. It is made of two layers in which the first layer or the base is the moist vanilla and the second layer is the kitty face made of deep dark moist chocolate. I use the deep dark Hershey choco powder because of its chocolaty richness and goodness. No wonder this choco cake is the favorite of my whole family.

To begin, you need the following:


4 circle pans of 9 inches size
Paring knife
Wilton’s # 5 tip for the outline
Wilton’s #12 tip for the body and details
Icing bags
Cake board
Hello Kitty face, printed and cut out in a 9 inches size. (just enough to fit into the circle pan)

Now, it is time for molding the cake and decorating it. ~


Hello Kitty Face
1. Bake the deep dark moist chocolate cake. Let it cool.

deep dark moist choco cake in two pans

deep dark moist choco cake in two pans

2. Fill with white buttercream frosting and place in the refrigerator for one hour.

filled with white buttercream frosting

filled with white buttercream frosting

3. Using the printed hello kitty face, outline the cake using a toothpick.

using a printed hello kitty face for carving the cake.

using a printed hello kitty face for carving the cake.

4. Slowly carve the cake using a paring knife.

5. Frost the whole cake and place it again in the refrigerator.

Hello Kitty Base
1. Bake the moist vanilla cake. Let it cool.

moist vanilla cake

moist vanilla cake

2. Fill and frost the two cakes.


3. Get the deep dark choco cake and place it on the center and above the moist vanilla cake.


4. Make sure that choco is well centered on both sides to keep the balance and avoid the cake to slips down on the other side.


5. Iced the entire cake and place again in the refrigerator.


Cake Decorating

1. Outline the Hello Kitty Bow, Eyes, Whiskers, and Nose using a toothpick.

2. Place the name of the celebrants on front of the cake base.

3. Trace the outline using a choco buttercream frosting.


4. Begin piping with the white buttercream on the kitty’s face.
5. Then, place the pink buttercream on the bow and continue piping until the whole base is completely covered.

6. Place the birthday candle on the pink bow.

Now there goes the beautiful Hello Kitty cake.. so gorgeous and sweet!

The Hello Kitty Cake with the candle

The Hello Kitty Cake with the candle


1. For the cake board, you can use a circular board for the base and a square cardboard for the whole cake. Then print dotted design in a bond paper and paste on the board. Cover the whole board with a cling film.

2. if you don’t have a toothpick, you can use the tip of the paring knife to make the outline.

3. If your cake is crumbling, freeze for an hour before decorating.

4. Do not try to remove the cake from the mold while it is hot because it may break apart. Let it cool for several minutes.

5. You can also use ready-made 2D Hello Kitty cake pan instead of carving your own kitty face and shape out of the sheet cakes.

6. To make a fluffy buttercream frosting, you can use heavy cream instead of milk to dilute the cake and come up with a smooth texture.

7. To come up with a white buttercream, beat the butter and sugar over 5 minutes in high speed.

This is another wonderful cake decorating idea from:

RIAH – the happy baker 😉

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