How to make a Princess Anna of Arendelle’s Cake

Princess Anna of Arendelle Cake

Princess Anna of Arendelle Cake

As I have promised, I will share to you on how to make the Princess Anna of Arendelle Cake which I made for my daughter’s third birthday last August 10th. Well, making this cake requires so much patience especially in designing and decorating the gown which the details are specific and exclusive to Princess Anna.

Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to achieve that beautiful cake. Simply follow the instructions and you will be amazed on how much creativity you have in making the cake for your little girl.


By the way, I use the Wilton’s wonder mold pan in baking the cake for the gown because it can easily give the ideal size and design. But if you don’t have the wonder pan, you may use and stack three eight-inch pans and simply trim the cake using a sharp knife to come up with that domed-oval shape.

the cake batter in the wonder mold pan

the cake batter in the wonder mold pan

I also use one recipe of Red Velvet Cake and coat the entire pan including the metal rod on the middle with a baking spray. It is advisable to use baking spray to easily remove the cake from the pan upon cooling down. And it is also ideal to fill in the pan with batter about ¾ of its capacity. If you want to have a higher cake you may bake half of the red velvet recipe in a 9-inch pan and attach to base of the cake gown later. But in my case, I simply want the cake to be a cute-petit-kind of princess.


I let the cake cool down on a wire rack for 15 minutes before removing the cake from the pan.

HTMPrincessAnna03Let the cake completely cool down before coating with cream cheese frosting.


Once ready, transfer the cake to a cake board and place on a turntable.


Divide the cake into three equal portions using a serrated knife.


Fill-in each portion and coat the entire cake with cream cheese frosting using an offset spatula.

HTMPrincessAnna07 HTMPrincessAnna08 HTMPrincessAnna09

Make also the pleats of the skirt by adding extra amount of cream cheese frosting on the sides of the cake. Then, set aside.



Roll a fondant tinted with Royal Blue color.


Measure the length of the skirt from all sides.


Make sure that the diameter of the fondant is equal to length of the two sides of the skirt and add extra length. For example, if on the left side measures 11cm and right measures 11cm then the diameter of the fondant should be 22CM then add another 2 cm to both sides so that will be 26cm to give you an allowance when trimming the excess fondant.


Gently trim the excess fondant using a pizza cutter.



Princess Anna of Arendelle Nordic-inspired colorful costume has a distinctive pretty flower patterns in bright colors; perfect for spring. In looking at the costume, it seems that it was designed more by animators than by seamstresses, with lots of intricate detailing that is challenging to accurately reproduce. This is my model in decorating the gown.


Mold the small elliptical shapes on a fondant tinted with Kelly green. The shapes are cut into halves.



Then, attach the fondant elliptical shapes at the bottom of the skirt using a gel paste or water.


Continue until the entire skirt is totally decorated.


To create the flowers, use Wilton’s icing tip #12 to create mini circles on a red fondant.



Using a gel paste or water, attach the tiny circles about 1 and ½ inches from the bottom of the skirt.


Cut quarter-moon shapes on the red fondant using the smallest fondant circle cutter.


Attach the shapes below the red circles.


To make the leaves, cut out a quarter-moon-like-elliptical shape the divide into halves.


Make also thin straight lines and attached to the skirt as the flower’s stem and leaves.



If you don’t have a doll cake topper, you may use a barbie doll toy instead. Simply wrap the lower portion of the barbie doll’s body (from waist to the feet) with a cling film.

Style hair of the princess into two braided pigtails.


She has strings of white hair on the right side, so I paint it with a correctional liquid 🙂


She’s wearing an inner long-sleeve blouse. So, I work first with the right sleeve then on the left sleeve and on the front and back side of her blouse.

HTMPrincessAnna21 HTMPrincessAnna22

Make sure that her blouse length is on her waist level.



Insert the Princess Cake topper on top-middle of the cake.


To make the princess upper suit, rolled a black fondant and cut a medium size heart shape just enough to fit on the princess bust and waist.

HTMPrincessAnna26 HTMPrincessAnna25

Cut another black heart shape fondant for the back of her suit.


Trim the left and right shoulder and the neckline with Wilton Modeling Tools number 10. Smoothly cut the excess fondant.


Next, paint a gold border on the sides of the suit using a gold dust. Use lemon extract and dip the thin paint brush to the gold dust and brush on edges of the upper suit.

HTMPrincessAnna31 HTMPrincessAnna30 HTMPrincessAnna29

Then, decorate the front side of the black upper suit and attached her hot pink cape.


Also add a border of black paint of the edge of the cape.

Princess Anna of Arendelle Cake

Princess Anna of Arendelle Cake

So, there goes our pretty and gorgeous Princess Anna of Arendelle’s Cake. She’s lovely, isn’t she?

This is another “cake decorating idea” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Thanks for reading this post and hope you learn something from me.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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