I got a reward today!

Early morning today I check the school mailbox at the cafeteria and find this post mail addressed in my name. It came from Shukran, a loyalty reward system, of Center Point, one of the biggest chains of superstores in the Middle East.

All I thought it is just another promotional brochure which I received on a regularly basis. Lo and behold, it is a REWARD CERTIFICATE! Really?? I am totally surprised! I’ve got this for the very first time after being a member for two years.

my reward statement

The amount is 5 Omani Rials about 13US $. The coupon is valid until the end of December. Not bad either because I will reserve this coupon in time for Christmas shopping.

there’s the 5 Omani Rials as my reward price

I am fond of loyalty and reward subscriptions because for me I get a return of any purchases I have made for items that I regularly spend for, or which I also think is reasonably useful for me and my family. In Philippines, I have many reward membership cards from drugstores to health products and even on underwear and lingerie.

With Shukran and Centerpoint, thank you for the reward and you made my day!

the Shukran Card in silver plastic

By the way, the Arabic word SHUKRAN means “thank you” and which is basically a way of Center Point to express gratitude to their regular customers.

So visit any Center Point outlet in Oman and ask for the membership for that is for FREE.

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