I’m turning 35th…

I’m turning 35th…

my lady guests

My birthday was held on the 28th of October. Since it was a working day, I opted to celebrate my 35th special day on the 30th of October 2015 because it was Friday and a weekend in Oman.


blessing for the food by Elena in the middle.

I hosted a small celebration at home and invited our closest friends.

My colleague and good friend was the master Chef. He cooked all the Filipino dishes that we missed back home like the Bulalo (Beef Soup), grilled fish, chicken sotanghon noodle, sauted shrimp, beef kaldereta, and fish “kinilaw” (Fresh fish dip in vinegar with salt and spices).


Don second from left is the master chef

My sister and good friend Amie helped me with the food preparation. At noon time, my guests came and we savor all our favorite main course.


Hosting parties at home is one way for us to reconnect with our good friends we don’t see regularly. I sometimes make it to a point to get in touch with these people who are very  dear to me.

Above all, I’m always thankful to God for continuously providing me and my family with all the beautiful blessings.

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