Inspired Quotes: Do you keep the faith?

I watched a movie which my husband downloaded from the internet (as my request) because I get intrigued with the whole film after I read its review from one of the blogs I have been following. Its titled was inspired from a book of the same name by Paul Torday: “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”.

From IMDb, the plot summary goes: “A visionary sheikh believes his passion for the peaceful pastime of salmon fishing can enrich the lives of his people, and he dreams of bringing the sport to the not so fish-friendly desert. Willing to spare no expense, he instructs his representative to turn the dream into reality, an extraordinary feat that will require the involvement of Britain’s leading fisheries expert who happens to think the project both absurd and unachievable. That is, until the Prime Minister’s overzealous press secretary latches on to it as a ‘good will’ story. Now, this unlikely team will put it all on the line and embark on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible, possible.”

A whimpsical movie about HOPE, LOVE, and FAITH

This movie is truly lovable! It is a whimsical story of wickedly wonderful casts of characters – a doctor, a devilish wife, an intrepid fiancée, and a missing soldier – and shot in places that have similar landscapes, like the arid desert and wadis of my second home country, Oman.

The lead actor, a henpecked and slightly pompous middle-aged fisheries doctor, Dr. Alfred Jones, played by Ewan Mcgregor, who works with the sheikh’s representative, Harriet, played Emily Blunt, discovers true love and find himself in a stake then became a victim of political spin but learn to believe in the impossible. At one point, Sheikh Muhammed, played by Amr Waked, who also the shared the same magical infatuation with fishing, asks Dr. Jones if he is a man of faith; Jones undeniably replies that he is not. His comment raises eyebrows at the Sheik. The Sheik thinks that FISHING as the ultimate EXPRESSION OF FAITH: a fisherman must spend all day casting a line with the simple belief that he can catch a fish. He must have patience. Hope. Love. Faith.

Sheikh and Dr. Jones on their passion for FISHING

The words of Paul Tordy in his book struck a chord to me:

Quotes from Paul Tordy author of the book “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”

I see life as a “game of fishing” – spending the whole time through with greater hope to surpass the challenge and believe in your inner strength that you can make it. In the end, you catch on something and learn to love the game of life.

I for one drifted into countless trials which put more learning experiences on me. Back in the early days, I grumble against my parents’ expectations of me being an eldest and portraying a good model. But with faith, I gain confidence for myself and appreciation from my entire family and kin. In my college life, I struggle with my studies and find difficulty with my subjects. But with faith, I finish schooling with flying colors. At my first job, I am overwhelmed with teaching students whose sizes are bigger than me but minds are younger than middle-age kids. But with faith, they develop, grow, and become productive individuals. With my job, the multiple tasks and simultaneous deadlines make me disoriented and anxious. But with faith, I manage everything and efficiently rewarded. Working abroad, boredom and homesickness are my regular visitors. But with faith, I share my blessings to others and gain wonderful genuine friends. In my marriage, I misunderstood and battled with my husband. But with faith, our relationship becomes stronger in the last eight years and still counting. For my children, the daunting tasks for motherhood makes me crazy and erratic. But with faith, they grow up so well, very loving, and sweet kids and also help me become as a dainty MOM. All these beautiful things happened in me, in the end, because of having this HOPE-LOVE–FAITH attitude.

Maybe you are also feeling troubled like me lately. Whatever that is bothering you now, believe me you can get through it. I’ve been there. I tell you. God believes in you and me. People believe in you and in me. We have to believe we can and will do better with ourselves.
How do you keep the faith in yourself, in times that you are so down? How does it feel when you see sunshine after the storm?

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