Last day of work before leaving Oman

Last day of work before leaving Oman
The ACT College Gate - Photo Credits from ACT Facebook Fan Page

The ACT College Gate – Photo Credits from ACT Facebook Fan Page

For four years, I have been working at Al Musanna College of Technology as Laboratory Instructor shortly known as Technician. It does mean that we have specialized skills to assist lecturers in the classroom. At times we also conduct short term training and lectures especially for skills enhancement and staff development program but mostly we support the college in terms of technical expertise and sometimes administrative-related tasks.

I belong to the Educational Technology Center and when I came to Oman in 2008, I was first assigned to a computer laboratory. But after six months (my probation period), I have been relocated to join the special team dedicated to work with the college website (

this is my office -that is me at the far end of the room

this is my office -that is me at the far end of the room

To keep the story short, I am still with the team and loving my job because it helps to learn the many things i need to keep me updated with the trends and demands of IT. Added to that, I also became part of the eLearning group task to maintain and manage the Learning Management System of the college (

Anyway, today is the last working day and everyone in campus is so thrilled to get to the airport and take their flight back home. I admit I am one of them. You see we’ve got our tickets long before this school year ends. As our departure day is approaching, we have done nothing except making daily countdown, exchanging plans for summer, and shopping for special souvenir to our love ones. As for me, we are ready a week before with our luggage contents, bookings, and important documents.

Normally at the last day of the school year, employees are given consideration by the management to leave the office earlier especially those who have early afternoon flights provided that everything are secured and properly endorsed. Gabby, my room partner,  and I grab this chance and so after cleaning and keeping all important things in the office then giving our keys to the server, we all went home and use the remaining hours for preparation. Thursday morning at 5:30AM, we will be on the plane for Philippines. I am so excited for our 50days holiday break – with travels to Manila, Cebu, Surigao and Siargao.

Note: I also encourage you to take a glimpse of my college located in the northern part of Oman. Come and visit ACT here.

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