Leisurely walk at BGC and stop at Krispy Kreme for yummy treats

After almost two hours in Fully Booked my tummy started to grumble. Gladly, our friend Jeremy arrived to the bookstore in time for our break. So we invited him and look for refreshing treats to fill our hunger. I asks the kids to choose the foodies they want and they all agree to find something that is sweet and tasty. Having no idea on snack bars and cafes found in the area, we walk along the boulevard while admiring the green landscapes, retro architecture, spacious walkways and stunningly beautiful sculptures created by acclaimed Filipino artists Reg Yuson, Conrado Velasco and Ronald Achacoso.

a dozen of super delicious signature donuts from Krispy Kreme

I can tell this place is comparable to a leisurely walk in equally trendy places I happen to visit like Sheik Sayed Road in Dubai, Tsim Sha Tui and Nathan Road in Hong Kong and Senados Square in Macau. There you can also find interesting and well-known stores of various items as well interactive artworks in the center, luxurious offices, and posh residences at the upper floors. Other than that, array of varied food stalls are serving delightful staples that fit to any kind of diet. But I choose the Krispy Kreme, after I know its name from several posts in Facebook and recommended by some of my friends.

some refreshing drinks

Wow! It’s terribly and fantastically delicious of course it comes with the price. For me, it is a bit expensive but can be considerably a nice treat once in a while especially we don’t have this kind of store in Oman.

donuts at different flavors and designs

I order a dozen of assorted donuts @ 395PHP, two iced krispy crème @ 105PHP each, 1 Latte @100PHP, 1 chocolate @125PHP, and a their 75th Bday Chiller promo at 130PHP. All in all, I pay around 960.00 pesos including tax!
We scope a table and chairs at the alley of the café to get a feel of the outdoor atmosphere. Later, the sky turns to dark and drizzles for a while. It shortly welcomes to a soggy and gloomy late afternoon and a great escape for heat and sweltering feel we have at that time.

with our good friend Jeremy at the far left

One thing I really like hang out at places such as this is the openness to animals and pets. There I see a number of pet lovers strolling around with their cute and adorable doggies of different breeds. Some are classy and sexy while others are a bit huge and nasty. It is good to know that somewhere in Metro Manila, there is this city where animals and humans can enjoy their time together – playing, eating, and walking around.

Yours truly, sipping a latte for the first time..yummy!

We hardly consume all the donuts. Though these donuts are really tasteful but I also find them too sweet. So I have them parcel for kid’s snack tonight.

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