May love shine bright this Christmas

I received this Christmas Candle e-Card from Nestle Club, which i’ve been a member for almost five years now. I’m deeply touched by its message and would also like to share it to everyone so that in my own little way i may inspire those who are in need of comfort, hope, and love.

Christmas always remind us that we are special and blessed. It is a time for reflection and contemplating. Because no matter how difficult and challenging life can be, at the end of the day we all still have the high spirit of moving forward, keeping the strong faith, and being optimistic of what’s ahead of us. Above all, Jesus is always with us…within our heart and mind. He is the light that shine so bright in the midst of us. Hopefully, may you also let the spirit of Christmas shine brighter this year.

In behalf of Nestle, i am also encouraging you to pass along this card to your friends and watch as the whole country light up this Christmas with each card sent!

see the burning candle here.

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Sharing is loving...

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