Meeting my brother and Pizza Dinner at NOLITA

We continue wandering around Bonifacio Global City until we come upon the Mind Museum. But we never get inside to the museum because we have little time left for dinner considering that we also need to be home earlier due to the rain showers forecast expected to fall later that evening.

Scribbles at the Mind Museum

I let the kids run and play around the lobby. They hide and seek. Shouting. Laughing. Meanwhile I am waiting for my younger brother Ryan to meet us. You see, he didn’t show up last night because, again, of the heavy downpours around Metro Manila that cause heavy traffic jam and for him to get to our dinner venue was even too impossible.

my brother with my little girl – meeting each other for the first time

Nearly an hour later, there he appeared in his khaki-colored polo top paired with jeans and black sneaker shoes. He gains some weight and looks stunningly handsome. I wrap my brother with warm hug and throw a loving kiss on his cheek. Oh, how I miss my dear brother for more than three years of not seeing each other. He is so happy to see me and my kids especially little Anyah which he happens to meet for the very first time. He carries Anyah and gives her sweet kisses. Anyah instantly feel comfortable with his uncle that she give back an adorable smile and chuckles a bit. However, Andrei feel a little different and have actually been jealous of not given attention immediately. He thinks he is no longer important and felt neglected. So he sits down on a bench with his arms crossed on both sides. My brother cautiously sits beside Andrei and trying to win back his attention. The next thing I know they are both laughing and exchanging conversations.

My son Andrei and Brod Ryan on their one-on-one talking moment

But it is almost dinner time and we head off to one of the finest Pizza restaurant in the block – the NOLITA. Its name stands for NORTH OF LITTLE ITALY, located the upper ground floor of a building facing the beautiful amphitheater with squirts of fountains in the center. The restaurant is frequented with people who are enticed for a delicious and healthy pizza with a signature taste. We hardly even grab a table for us all. Luckily, the waitress guided us to two tables recently vacated by diners. I pay the amount of 1,550PHP for slices of pizza chizburger @ 210PHP, buffalo chiz pizza @250PHP, roasted veggies @210PHP, and cans of softdrinks @60PHP each.

roasted veggies pizza

I give two thumbs up! The taste is superb and just one slice can make you full in no time. Because I have a small appetite, I barely empty my plate but really it is so scrumptious. As much as I want to take some of the remaining pizza but I give some of my leftover to my husband, instead, whom I presume is extremely hungry after chasing the kids and carrying Anyah the whole time.

Buffalo pizzas

dining at NOLITA

For few hours of chatting and catching up stories, we slowly move down to the street to grab a taxi and ride home. Before we depart, we take several pictures with my brother and my family. Then something amazing did happen when the rain begins to wash the entire city immediately after we arrive home.


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