The view of whole Muscat at the Top

The view of whole Muscat at the Top

(November 17, 2015) – There’s a very nice vantage point to see the whole view of Muscat from above. It is located on a rocky mountain in Al Khuwair that is accessible by a concrete road that runs across the mountain and continues toward Al Amerat on the other side.

We climb up the high mountain and stop at the first and highest viewing deck to see the stunning view of muscat at night. Many people used to come here very late at night because it is highly forbidden. Most Royal Oman Police patrols everyone to check and catch anyone violating the law.

Gladly tonight, we are lucky no Police are visiting the area. We take the chance, and snap a lot of photos as much as we can.

MuscatAtTheTop02 MuscatAtTheTop03 MuscatAtTheTop05 MuscatAtTheTop06 MuscatAtTheTop07 MuscatAtTheTop08


Before heading home, we drop by at Al Meen Mosque -the newly built mosque in Baushar that looks dramatic and beautiful at night because it is well illuminated with dazzling lights and can be viewed from the hills of Ghubra.

The famous mosque is seen behind us.

The famous mosque is seen behind us.


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