My 12 pieces of “Christmas Inspirations”

Because it will be my daughter Anyah’s first Christmas, I promised to myself that we will have a wonderful holiday celebration this year. Just before the first day of December, my family and I went to the shopping center and bought some Christmas decorations and stuffs that we put in our home. One by one, I examined the pieces of Christmas trees, lights, stockings, stars, and other Christmas items – all that were beautifully created and designed in a very artistic way.

Then my son approached me and said “mommy Christmas is beautiful, isn’t it? It has full of lights and colors and many awesome gifts”. I simply smiled and answered him back with much eagerness telling him that when I was a kid I really love Christmas. It is and always will be my favorite time of the year. I remember my mom would always initiate our Christmas family tradition whether it was through decorating the tree, giving of gifts, making Christmas crafts, and cooking delicious meals for our “Noche Buena”.

Now that I have my own family, I’m determined to make Christmases even more special and make fun moments to keep it a season to remember. And so, I want to have a good time and rekindle the spirit of this festivity through these 12 pieces of Christmas Inspirations.

1. Christmas tree – I bought a huge Christmas tree that fits to the corner of our living room. This time, I choose the red and gold colors to symbolize love and wealth. I want that my whole family to continuously feel the connection and love within us because we are all special in one way of another. The blessings, gifts, friends, and wonderful happenings are all the wealth we receive this year.

The Christmas Tree in Gold, Red, and Green Motiff

The Christmas Tree in Gold, Red, and Green Motiff

2. Christmas Gifts Boxes – Christmas boxes are wrapped in recycled glossy papers with a personal touch. As a tradition, these gifts will be opened during the morning of Christmas day.



3. Christmas Balls in the curtains – It is a stylish and unique way to highlight the curtain in our living room. The metallic Christmas balls add colors and create glitters when the sunrays struck into our window.

Christmas Balls hanged in the curtains

Christmas Balls hanged in the curtains

4. Christmas Cloth Calendar – This will be our calendar countdown to Christmas Day. The numbers are embossed in each 24 pockets while the green Christmas tree cloth is inserted as daily indicator.

Christmas Cloth Calendar

Christmas Cloth Calendar

5. Christmas Wine Bottle Decors – I personally crafted these Christmas Wine Bottles using empty wine bottles, metallic foil, Christmas tiny decors, potpourri, and ribbons.


6. Christmas Living Room Pillows – These silky red and green through pillows give accent to the living room sofa set.

Living Room Pillows

Living Room Pillows

7. Christmas Lamp – I bring to life this dull and old-looking lamp found in our living room. Using my old multi-purpose metallic cloth draped around the canopy and hanging tiny Christmas decors, this lamp is perfect to set the mode for Christmas night.


8. Christmas Stockings – These two Christmas stockings are hanged in the doors of our kitchen and guest room. I remember when I was a kid I would wake up early Christmas morning to check my gift from Santa in the Christmas stockings.


9. Christmas Table – I bought gold metallic plastic table cover and red placemat to accentuate our dining table. Oh, how I love to place our freshly baked and deliciously cooked food and enjoy our ”Noche Buena” gathering over the decorated table.


10. Christmas Songs – The angelic voices and drum beats from Christmas carols played on DVD will create an atmosphere of calm and excitement. It will enliven the Christmas spirit among us.


11. Red Winnie-the-Pooh boots – It’s an oh-so-cutee boots for Anyah that she will wear not just this Christmas but whole year round. Look at this picture below. Doesn’t she look so adorable!


12. Red checkered necktie – Andrei will look handsome wearing this red checkered-necktie during our Christmas party. I even imagine my son will someday be wearing a necktie match with corporate suit, a doctor’s gown, or perhaps an aeronautic pilot’s uniform.

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