My C&K Shoes

On Tuesday, after I receive a short message from Charles and Keith on my mobile phone:


Brown strappy sandals

I feel a rush of excitement because I am one of C&K loyal fans. I can’t wait to visit the venue and have myself immerse to the line of products that are on super discounts.

Charles and Keith, a fashionable shoe brand from Singapore, is known worldwide for its remarkable high street fashion shoes and accessories. The brand has captured the heart of many because of its distinctive line of fashion that provides shoppers and fashion enthusiasts with a plethora of stylish footwear and accessories to complement and complete their wardrobe.

black thong sandal with rose petals

black thong sandal with rose petals

With their commitment to exude style and confidence, Charles and Keith has become my favorite fashion brand after I purchase a couple of sandals and bags. For me, though the prices are a bit pricey but I am quite satisfied with the quality and durability of their products that normally comes in seasonal styles, or shall i say chic, comfortable but elegant.

On Wednesday we proceed to the place at 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. It is after almost 10 minutes of being lost and circling around Qurum looking for the Al Arami Complex. As we head to the basement, disordered and blaring situation comes to view. There are packs of people hastily fitting on their shoe sizes. Others have gone wild when their preferred shoes are taken by other customers. Some are more conscious or conservative asking their companion’s opinion on whether the shoes/sandals look good at them. Many are holding about five to six boxes of footwear while others are busy examining at each belt hanged on the stand.

Red strappy stilleto

When I saw the price advertised on the shoe stands, “9.900 OMANI RIALS FOR TWO ITEMS”, I am extremely amazed and happy that instantly I chose the sandals that are best for me. I found the following shoes that fit to my taste and style.

The strappy sandal will jazz up my everyday style with bronze and brown color. I can choose a snappy outfit such as wearing shorts or above-knee level skirts for a bold and intense look.

The black thong strappy sandal with rose petals can greatly show off my toe nails and ankles. It is sexy that I need a nice foot spa and pedi to catch someone’s attention into my feet.

The red wine color three-inch stilleto is perfect for formal occasions. It is absolutely gorgeous to match up with long dresses with flowing fabric or cocktail dresses with silky textures.

Gray Strappy Sandal

The gray colored four-inch helled sandal has an intricate crisscross design with an open-top zipper. It is stealing scene footwear that will take me from the carpet to the center stage.

My shoes are all beautiful and elegant. I also buy a pair of black sandals, and red wine sandals with gold buttons for my aunts in Philippines as my “pasalubong” in July.

Apart from the shoes, I purchase four belts at 2.900 Omani Rials for two pieces. I can wear these belts from mid-waist to low-waist with metal hardware buckle to add instant accent to any of my outfit.

All in all, I spend 35.500 Omani Rials (about 3,989 PHP or 91.95$USD) for all items. Wow! That’s a big and super discounted price. Just imagine some of the shoes cost from 12 OR to 22 OR while the belts cost around 5 to 7 OR.

Shoes for my aunts in Philippines

I do not want to advertise but if you are a “fashionista” and wanted to get signature item at a bunch of sale, visit that Al Arami Complex in Qurum, Muscat. Charles and Keith will be in promo (as you can read in their text above) until 10th June of this year.

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