My college celebrates Oman’s 42nd National Day

Yesterday, my college hosted a special program to commemorate the 42nd National Day of Oman. There were dignataries guests from the Ministry of Manpower and Royal Air Force of Oman as well as the administrators, staff, and students.The inaugural function began from 11 AM to 12Noon. The National Anthem was aired for whom the audience showed their patriotism by singing loudly and joyfully. Then the reading of Quran followed.  There were speeches  and poets cited by students to express their gratitude to their His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who brought glory and rennaisssance in Oman since 1970.

The two-hour event paved way for the whole college, especially the student body, to show off their loyalty to their beloved country through music and cultural performances. A video clip brought back the old times and golden years of Oman until how it was now in the modern days. There was also a drama and play as well as dance and musical presentation including live singing and playing of guitar by two talented students.

The entire celebration ended with the giving of token to the honored guest and a word of thanks by the students to the college and the whole Sultanate.

As i witnessed this kind of event, i can tell that these Omanis truly love and care for their country especially their ruler. I must have wish, Filipinos would have the same kind of spirit if only there’s a CHANGE with the mind setting of the people especially those who are working in the government.

you can read more about this event in our college website.

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