My First Vegan Birthday Cake

My First Vegan Birthday Cake

a vegan birthday cake for Kristi

I have a colleague in my workplace named Anitra. She was looking for a baker who makes a vegan cake  for her best friend Kristi.

Normally, she used to go to Dubai or asked someone who traveled to Dubai to buy a cake for her best friends because she didn’t know anyone in Muscat who can make Vegan Cakes.

Luckily, I was referred by my officemate Bianca to Anitra. These two are best buddies in the college. Bianca was bragging to Anitra how good am I in baking cakes, cupcakes, or any sweets creations. Anitra took my mobile number from Bianca  and called me one day.

At first, I was hesitant because I don’t have any experience of making Vegan Cake before. You see, vegan cakes are ideal for vegetarians. So the cake should have no mixture of any dairy milk, egg or butter. But I am very optimistic that I can make a perfect vegan cake. I searched the internet and viola! I found the perfect vegan cake recipe. I just did some little enhancement to suit the taste and preferences of my client.

A day after I delivered the cake, I got this message from Anitra on my whatsapp.



a nice feedback from a satisfied client


So there goes my first #vegancake made of deep dark choco powder, soya milk, &!canola oil. No dairy milk, egg, or butter content. 100% vegan cake. It is another creation made by #happybakerdelights. Happy

Happy Birthday Kristi!! This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights!

By the way, watch out for my post about the vegan chocolate cake recipe that you will surely try on your own kitchen.

Catch you later.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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