My goals for 2012

It’s the last day of January and I have finally come up with my goals for 2012. At the beginning of each year I set aside time to reflect about whether I have accomplished my pretty ambitious and sometimes unrealistic goals from the year before. From there, I list down the things I want to achieve for the rest of the year.On the other side, I also love to write everything that happens in my life which I have been practicing since my younger years. In my journal or diary I jot down the details of my day to day activities and in the initial pages I listed all my goals for the whole year. For me, it is a way of keeping my dreams alive and powers up my passion and determination as I keep updating my journal daily.But this year, I want to share my goals to everyone and for the whole word to see. I will make myself accountable and will help me to drive to work earnestly on my resolutions and actually accomplish something I intend to do.

I normally set major goals into bunch and then sort out the specific details on how to achieve them. So for 2012, I bind myself to the following resolutions:

Personality and Appearance: As much as I can, I will satisfy my day with joy and serenity. Have to laugh and smile often. Handle my problems with open-mindedness and flexibility. Love myself and keep within my limits. Spend my precious energy on rewarding tasks and fulfilling hobbies. Visit to a dentist, get my teeth cleaned, and wear dental retainers. Prettify myself once every three months by getting a haircut or a mani-pedi treatment at the saloon. Buy clothes and RTWs as well as accessories that are on sale or reasonably cheaper and choose pastel and earthly hues. Dress up myself for success and keep being inspired always.
Family and Relationship: Spend ample time each day with my kids and husband. Regularly tutor my son on his studies or sometimes play with him along with his educational toys. Read books(of every kind) to my little girl every day and teach her more baby tricks. Treat my husband to affordable restaurants or a least have one fine dining within this year. Involve my family in my projects and plans so that they will feel that they are part of my success. Stay in touch with my families, relatives, and friends through facebook, twitter, skype, emails, or phone calls.

Career and workplace: Manage my time wisely to learn new skills and grow professionally. Declutter and organize my desk and file cabinet. Practice recycling methods and conservation. Maintain a healthy relationship with my co-worker and team mates. Cultivate new friendships and gain more Omani friends. Study software language programming and come up with a new project this year (our college website needs to be updated and modified). Continue to love my work and be thankful always for my job in the college.

Knowledge and Education: Learn to speak and communicate using Arabic Language. Read more magazines, novels, and books. Download useful and helpful information on parenting, babycare, finances, and home living from the internet. Watch classic movies as well as Indian or Italian movies. Continue with my doctoral studies in IT (now I’m on the second semester). And hopefully, conduct a lecture or training to huge and wide variety of audience within and outside of my college.

Finances and Investments: Practice frugality in every aspect of my living and spending. Dedicate a portion of my paycheck for emergency funds. Claim the maturity value of my policy and invest on mutual funds and insurance. At least, complete the first floor of our dream house in Philippines (this coming summer break, inshallah!). Pay the utility bills monthly (which I didn’t for half a year now). Record all the daily expenses down to single penny on the accounting journal. As much as possible, I will set aside 25% of my salary to my long-term investment or time deposit account. Stop spending on unnecessary wants and control my impulsive-buying attitude.

Electronics and Gadgets: Try to get a new mobile phone (my old unit is Nokia 3120 but still functional) as a gift to myself this year. Buy a big LCD or LED TV and surround audio system.

Health and Fitness: Get back to my pre-mom shape and normal weight of 47 kilos. (now im 49.4, so just little more patience to get there). Start with Zumba dancing then gradually to cardio-aearobics. Try to jog at least two or three times a week and aim for 10kms run this year. Possibly get rid with junk foods (hope I can) and eat healthy organic food instead. Reduce coffee intake and have milk instead or perhaps drink more than 8 glasses of water a day.

Travel and Culture: Go to Philippines on summer with my family and spend one and half months to get in touch with my homeplace. Visit Manila and Cebu City. Meet my high school and college friends. Get together with my barkadas and close girlfriends. Swimming at the beach and island escapade. Celebrate Anyah and Andrei’s birthday at my parent’s house in Surigao City. Eat at one of the barbeque houses in the harbor terminal. Try to travel to Catbalogan, Samar in the Visayas and Tuguegarao in Northern Luzon. In Oman, explore as many wadis, jabals, beaches, and tourist destinations as possible. Go to Ibri, Nizwa, Al Buraimi, and Sohar. Enjoy a camping trip on eid holidays and long vacation (possibly go to further south). Visit museums, mosques, and Omani schools. Get invited to an Omani Wedding, at least one, this year.

Passion and Interests: Buy or download food recipes and cook book. Bake at least one new pastry or cake every two months. During summer in Philippines, have a one-one baking session when my mother-in-law of her favorite and famous Filipino delicacies and pastries. Bake and design the cakes of my son and daughter for their birthdays. Invite my barkadas at home and let them taste my own-style of brownies, cakes, pastas, and smoothies. I will buy a table top sewing machine, and start fabricating pillow cases and covers then eventually my little girl’s dresses. Establish a mini-garden at our flat’s backyard and plant tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, drumstick tree, and fruit trees.
Faith and Spirituality: Attend holy mass celebration every Sunday. Pray the rosary. Meditate and spend time talking to God. I will always lift up my life to God who heals everything. Instill Christian values and share bible stories to my kids.

Social and Community: Each day I will try to give something good to others and make at least three people smile including myself. Understand ones weakness and forgive someone’s mistake but I will keep myself away from people with habitual negative vibes and bad attitudes. I will not mind what others will think of me as long as I know I do the right things and exert right attitude.

My own thoughts:

Whew! There are so many goals I have set for myself, right?

Well, I believe these goals will, or at least, help me grow stronger and improve my life this 2012. But along the way, I know there will be obstacles that hinder the path to success or maybe I may fall wayside for my lack of self-discipline. So the best thing I can do is to give a very careful thought in advance and look for any potential problems and the solutions too. I must keep myself reminded all the time and draw out my strength from my own family- kids and hubby.

To be honest, I will not put too much pressure to myself. Instead I will think and do only the things that I can accomplish within the day or get a fraction of the stuff done I aspire to do. I can still attain success in little ways and with that I will feel happy of achieving something than not.

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