My Second Pregnancy Experience

Jesse and I have been longing to have another baby for almost three years. I remember when Andrei was four years old it came across our mind to try for another one. So we had many attempts for me to conceive but unfortunately fate doesn’t agree with us at all. I am not a believer of any foretelling practices but when someone made a prophecy to me, I was depressed and had to accept the fact that we will only have one child for the rest of our life.

When Andrei and Jesse came to Oman in November 2009 we all have to adapt to the new kind of lifestyle – simple and independent yet manageable. Eventually we were used to it. Andrei went to and came from school all by himself while Jesse and I work in the same college. We transferred to a new flat which we live all by our own and we call it our home. Life became good but still there is something that is needed and the three of us felt that need – a baby.

Every night Andrei always include in his prayer, “Lord, give me a baby sister and put her inside mommy’s tummy”. Whenever he chat with adults and our friends he will always tell, “You know there is a baby inside my mommy’s tummy”. And everyone will be asking me with curiosity, “Are you pregnant?”…then I just simply reply…”How I wish it is true”.

Until December 2010 when I noticed that I am two weeks delayed. Jesse and I rushed to the hospital for a serum pregnancy test.  And the result was positive. We were so glad that our long awaited prayer has been finally granted.

The succeeding months were even remarkable and a new experience for me since this second pregnancy was different than the first. I had morning sickness, I had an intense craving for food which I hate before, I slept for longer hours but still I manage my pregnancy. I love to roam around and visit places. I love to laugh and mingled with my friends. I am so excited and happy that I want to keep myself updated by joining in pregnancy and mothering websites. When it comes to fashion and accessories, I love to dress up to look fabulous and radiant.

Family and friends are my constant support and assurance that encourage me to enjoy and have fun. My parents and siblings in Philippines regularly sent me warm and inspiring messages. Particularly my sister Ritchelle who offer help to babysit once I gave birth. Likewise, my friends in Oman normally cheer me up. We regularly have parties and gatherings and we usually have overnights in Muscat. My husband Jesse never leaves my side and that our relationship as couple is stronger and romantic. My son Andrei, who is even more excited, read stories to the baby and preparing to be an older brother too.

Knowing I have this support system around me, I felt really and totally good. And as my due date is nearing, I had just one prayer that we may have a healthy and lovely baby girl.

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