No-Bake Blueberry Birthday Cheesecake

no-bake blueberry birthday cheesecake

no-bake blueberry birthday cheesecake

Instead of having a typical-ordinary birthday cake, Hannah had this cheesecake as her Birthday Cake!

The base of the cake is made of crushed digestive cookies and a layer of stabilized whip cream and cream cheese.

This is so easy to make and it doesn’t need an oven! You simply refrigerate it for an entire night or few hours before serving to your guests. If you wanna know how to make this cake on your own, check out my previous post.


The cheesecake is topped with sweetened blueberry filling that truly compliments with the creamy-cold-yummy taste of the cream cheese.

The sweetness and texture makes you feel like eating a vanilla ice cream cake…so delicious that for sure you’ll gonna ask for more.


Happy Birthday Hannah! Enjoy your day!

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