Now that I am 31

Yes, I’m officially thirty-one and a year older than yesterday. Getting older is inevitable somewhat synonymous to a 7 year old child’s tooth falling off and an aging woman whacked by menopausal syndrome. But instead of putting myself into a pit of worries and procrastination, I diverted my whole energy to embrace the challenges and surprises as well as pain and joy that await me in this new stage of life. I must admit there are so many things I am thankful for and it is necessary to tally my personal complacency. After all, it is not years that count but the life I have in years.

Now that I’m 31, I’m grateful that:

  1. I married the man, who accepted the flaws and beauty within me.
  2. I am a mother to two great kids – a boy named Andrei (7 yrs. old) and a girl named Anyah (3 mos.old) – who are my heaven on earth.
  3. I live in a 3-bedroom flat (with my family and nanny) which price rent was slashed 13.33% off.
  4. I ride in a car (drive by my hubby) that saves me from the difficulty of commuting.
  5. I have a flat LCD TV and a free cable connection – but hoping to subscribe with TFC or OSN soon.
  6. I sleep in a well-furnished cozy bedroom that provides calm and serenity after the day’s exhausting work.
  7. I can buy shoes and bags that I am addicted of and love so much.
  8. I can provide what is best and good for my family may it be moral, material, financial, and spiritual.
  9. I have a rewarding and satisfying work in Oman that enhanced my interest.
  10. I can conduct lectures and trainings to share my knowledge and talents.
  11. I have a supportive family in Philippines who encourages me to continue with my dreams.
  12. I was able to support my father’s monthly medical maintenance.
  13. I have a mother who constantly give me advises on almost everything.
  14. I have a brother who is funny and undeniably good looking– an entrepreneur and Engineer by heart.
  15. I have an athletic sister, who is a nurse and a surfer at the same time.
  16. I have a wonderful family in Oman, the people I can turn to in good times and bad times.
  17. I have set of real and honest friends abroad namely – Catherine, Analyn, Evelyn, Melo, Gerry, Elena, Alma, Jhonna, Lailany, Agnes, Therese, Tita Eliza, Titser Cesar, Rodrigo, Elmer, Rick, Nestor, and Gabby. – there will be more to come.
  18. I have my childhood friends and high school barkadas that even if we irregularly communicated still we know how important we are to each other – like Gemma, Marsha, Claire, Checille, Rowena, Kathleen, Atty. Jeffrey “Uling”, Atty Jeffrey “Bakang”, Ysrael, Albert, Roderick, Ian Tom, Marlon, and Iris.
  19. I can travel to ideal places in the world particularly in Asia and the Middle East.
  20. I enjoy adventure and camping to experience fun and thrill in a very practical and frugal way.
  21. I meet people of different backgrounds, races, and ages – whom I call friends.
  22. I have 2,000+ facebook friends which the majorities are casual and short acquaintances.
  23. I continue with my studies and currently pursuing my doctoral degree.
  24. I have my self-study moments that enhance my skills sets.
  25. I bake and make pastries as my past time hobbies.
  26. I rewarded myself with “me-pampering-moment” either by going to a saloon or just indulge with homemade regimen.
  27. I’m becoming an involved and hands-on mom.
  28. I started to write about inspirational and motivational stuffs and stories.
  29. I celebrated my 31st birthday together with my daughter’s baptism.
  30. God loves me and is always there to give guidance and protection.
  31. I have attained this age which completes my early adulthood stage.
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