Omnitrix Cupcakes for Jayzee

Omnitrix Cupcakes for Jayzee
Omnitrix Cupcakes

Omnitrix Cupcakes

Just a week after we arrived in Muscat, my good friend Zeny placed a cupcake order for her eldest son’s birthday. It was a design of an Omnitrix for Jayzee Ben10 themed party.

A total of 30 chocolate cupcakes were made. The design looked simple but it took me 5 hours to make the cupcake topper because I wanted to a have a very fine edge of the Ominitrix circle.

The Omnitrix Cupcakes for Jayzee's 7th Birthday

The Omnitrix Cupcakes for Jayzee’s 7th Birthday

As a background, the Omnimatrix, better known as the Omnitrix, was a watch-like device that was attached to Ben Tennyson’s wrist. It was created by Azmuth as a tool of peace in an act of repentance following the destruction caused by his previous creation, Ascalon, a weapon of terrible power.

Well going back to the party, it was held at McDonalds in Qurum on August 7th at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. We enjoyed the food and games along with meeting new friends in Muscat.

at Jayzee's 7th Birthday held at McDonalds Qurum Oman

at Jayzee’s 7th Birthday held at McDonalds Qurum Oman

Happy 7th Birthday Jayzee! Thank you for inviting us…it’s a full of fun party. Be always a good boy and make your mom and dad proud of you. God bless you and your whole family.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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