Our Food Display at the Event – “A Day, A Woman Way (5)”

April 4th was the big day for me and my good sister friend. It was our first attempt to exhibit our talents and soldl our homemade sweets and goodies to those who have sweet tooth. It was also the start of our business venture because, Cat and I, both love baking and cooking. So when we finally got the chance, we instantly grabbed the opportunity and participated in the event organized by our friends in Muscat, Bini and Binaifer D. Basu. The event was called “A Day, A Woman Way season 5”. It was the hottest exhibition in town exclusively presenting Women accessories and clothing and food festival made by talented participants.

Our Business Signage - CATRIAH SPECIALS - homemade cakes and goodies

Our Business Signage – CATRIAH SPECIALS – homemade cakes and goodies

I live in Muscat while Catherine is in Muladdah. So we make our desserts, cakes, and pastries separately. Days before I already prepared the batter for cookies just to manage my time easily. However, I know, the whole cooking process will drag my entire day and night in the kitchen, mixing, blending, measuring, and waiting for my cakes and goodies to bake and done. Good thing my husband and sister were very supportive to help me until around 4 o’clock in the morning on the event day. My hubby was doing the printing and designing while my sister was my kitchen assistant. I am also glad that my little tots understand that I am busy. They manage to entertain themselves by playing with each other and watching their favorite children movies and TV programs. I know I have neglected my mommy-baby-bonding moments with them but I beg for their pardon just for that day.

The table arrangement I have in mind, which i set up at home

The table arrangement I have in mind, which i set up at home

At around 4:30AM, I crawl to bed and lie down feeling tired and anxious. But then, suddenly, I rise at 6:30AM. By resting only for 2 hours, I can’t believe I have this full energy and excitement. I started making the cupcake frosting and by 8:00 AM all my cakes were beautifully designed and decorated.

our desserts and sweets display

our desserts and sweets display

I quickly took my breakfast along with my husband, get ourselves dressed up then drove to the venue at around 10 in the morning. We were first to arrive in Al Bahja Hall in Jungle Restaurant in Qurum Area, Muscat. The entire hall is huge, classy, and fully-airconditioned along with beautiful lights and colorful cloth designs. When we found our table assignment, I sat down for a while and witness fellow other participants hurriedly placing all their products on the table and setting up their banners and decorations. I was enthusiastically waiting for my business partner who was on her way from Musanna, about one hour from Muscat.


with my good sister and business partner -Catherine

Jesse gradually transported the accessories like the plain white platter, cupcake stalls, and other sorts of colorful arts that we placed on the exhibit table. I carefully made the choreography and table arrangement. Imaging how it would look like as I have conceptualized at home, at my very own dining table.


with Dad – my number 1 fan and supporter

So when Catherine arrived, she was astonished to see the assembly. It was very striking and creative. One thing that we know, for sure, it will attract our prospect customers. Then we begin to take out our homemade desserts, cakes, and sweets. They all look lovely and very tempting. By 12noon, the exhibit begun and customers steadily and increasingly approaching our table, asking our goodies, and eventually buying some of them.


My little big sister, Ritchelle (left) and good sister Catherine (right)

We are so happy that our friends from Muscat and Muladdah came over to see us and show their support on our first business venture. They bought and tasted on some of our yummy treats! And actually really liking them all. ”Superb and delicious” , “tempting and very tasty”, “attractive and lip-smacking” were their comments. Hearing these words are good enough to pay off the time, resources, and effort that we have invested.

My heartfelt gratitude to Jhonna for giving us the confidence that we need. and to our Musanna and Muscat friends for coming and buying some of our goodies. As well as our families for the inspiration. The whole experience was indeed rewarding and truly memorable.

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  1. itjcs

    So lovely! I’m so proud of you my dearest sisters cat and riah!!! Wish you more more more success in whatever you do…mwahugs for you my friend.

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