Our happy family snaps for Christmas 2012

On the 25th of December, we have a photoshoot at home for our family portrait. This has become our tradition every Christmases since we settle here in Oman. Our dear friend Gabby came over and together with my husband, they put into concept the “Christmas Lights Bokeh”.

The idea of this “Christmas Bokeh” is to use colorful lights from our Christmas tree and create a blurry and fuzzy background and call the attention to the subject being photographed. The result is a creamy soft background and a nice crisp emphasized on the person and this term is called BOKEH. It is a fusion of in and out of focus technique in photography. The shape of the lights is sometimes round, hexagonal, or any geometric shapes and determines by the shape of the aperture in the lens.

This amazing technique turned images into fantastic and wonderful photos. And we are so happy with the results. For us, these are priceless memories of our beautiful family that we can have forever.


Andrei@Anyah Andrei@Anyah2 Andrei2 Anyah Anyah@Tata Anyah2 AnyahWhite Family family1 Family2 family3 momidadi

Hope you also like these pictures..
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone..and wishing all the best for the New Year 2013!!!

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